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As Michael’s shrug indicates, we’ve been a little absent this week because we are on business trip in Long Beach, California (sorry, no drama in the LBC to report) for a conference. We’ll have some periodic posts with maybe a guest shot or two until we get back into town on Friday.

Don’t worry, we haven’t abandoned you.

Make sure you are enjoying the NBA Playoffs because while the Eastern Conference looks a little bland — save the Sixers/Pistons — the Western Conference is FOR REAL. The only question I have is will these west coast teams use all of their gas getting to the NBA Finals where the Celtics will probably be waiting for them?

It’s going to be an interesting month or so. I’m also starting to believe the Pistons are going out in the first round. The Sixers have beat them three times in-a-row now (counting the regular season) and Detroit looks really lethargic. If they fail this miserably, Flip Saunders won’t survive the trip home with his job intact.

Anyway, we’ll be back sporadically this week, so don’t abandon us either. ;)