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Welcome to IntentionalFoul.com, a directory of wonderful things… oh wait, that’s BoingBoing. How about IntentionalFoul.com, Sports News without Access, Favor—wait, what’s that—that’s Deadspin‘s catch-phrase? Well damn, I’ll try again. Welcome to IntentionalFoul.com – A Sports Blog with Attitude. Wait, I kinda like that. What about you? Is that not a sufficient enough tag-line? No? Aw, come on. You have to admit it’s better than IntentionalFoul.com, Ride or Die with Us… but that’s because we aren’t as hot as Matt Leinart.

That’s right folks, another sports blog has popped-up on the radar. While it is true there has been a proliferation lately, I tend to think about things web-related in the same manner as A Tribe Called Quest: “There’s room for it all as we mingle at the ball.”

We are not trying to trump or surpass any particular sports blog presence. No, the goal of Intentional Foul is to provide an additional perspective from the mind of this particular sports fan—one who has a passion (at least that’s what they tell me) that hopefully is relayed to other sports followers and blog readers.

If you can’t tell, I, Chris Richardson, will be your guide through most of this forest, touching on sports stories of note from the perspective of a fan that has been known to send remote controls on respectable test-flights when my team was not meeting expectations.

Yeah, I’m one of those fans… and I look forward to bringing you sports from my perspective. It should be a fun ride. Are you ready?