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There’s a lot that’s been said about the death of perhaps the greatest entertainer of the modern era, and how it impacted the sports world. Most of this talk was, as is the increasing norm, reduced to Twitter updates. Then there are the inescapable memorials from CNN and the like. Unfortunately, they seem to only want to remember Jackson in this incarnation, that is, as the freakshow he became instead of the genius he started out as.

And if you think I’m overusing the word, check out this particular performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

As a sports fan, I’m used to seeing talented people put up on unreachable pedestals — but none of those reaches were as high as Michael Jackson’s. Not even Michael Jordan’s. While some seemed to enjoy the tearing-down process, which Jackson opened himself up to, to be sure, I think I’m going to remember him as the incredibly talented wunderkind from Gary, Indiana, who had such an ability to entertain people, his star eclipsed those us sports fan idolize.

Thank you, Michael, for all you provided. We’ll never see another one like you.