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No sports of note last night, so here’s some video of Gina Carano working out outside of Madison Square Garden after the press conference to promote the upcoming Carano/Cyborg brawl on August 15. After those two got through mugging and promoting for the camera, our heroine took things outside and put on a little shadow boxing/light sparring exhibition.

Yeah, to say it’s a slow news day would be an understatement.

If that’s not enough Gina for you — believe me, one post is never enough — Mike Hayes pulled a minor blogger coup by securing an interview with the female face of MMA (sorry Cris). Unfortunately, she ain’t discussing the sex tape, so no soup for you in that department.

In one final note, our friends over at InGameNow have pictures of some ladies at the ESPN’s red carpet event for the ESPYs. One such female making an appearance is, of course, Carano, who looks just as lovely as always. Her upcoming opponent, on the other hand, just, well, doesn’t:

Gina and Cris

Of course, I say that with the knowledge that Cyborg could whip my ass without much thought. Nevertheless, those boots she’s wearing are kind of frightening.