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The wonderful ladies of ESPN’s “Play Ball with Amanda and Melissa” podcast have a nifty little poll going on, one that pits fictional sports teams against each other. There are some awesome match ups like the Friday Night Lights TV show team versus the FNL movie team or the Bad News Bears team against The Sandlot team. Great stuff.

I do have one issue, however: Folks are voting for the Varsity Blues football team over the incredibly awesome team from Wildcats, otherwise known as the battle of Central High and West Canaan High. Unfortunately, when it comes to the voting differential in this particular category, memories are obviously short.

No other explanation fits, really.

Maybe it’s me, but I’ll take a group of tough, inner-city kids defending their female coach (Wildcats) over a group of players from Texas who’d rather play without theirs (Varsity Blues). With the academically-truant Levander ‘Bird’ Williams leading the way — remember, his stats should attract college scouts — throwing to the likes of Trumaine, Marvel and Peanut — fantastic names, by the way — the Wildcats of Central High might be one of the best single-season high school football teams ever.

Lest we forget, Bird is a dual-threat quarterback, whose ability to pass or run has devastating results against opposing teams.

If that’s not enough, is there any cheer team on the planet with as much “pop” as the Wildcats cheerleaders? The U-G-L-Y cheer might be the greatest thing anyone has ever done, ever. I’m talking a “history of mankind” type of thing. Just remember, if you’d like to continue your support of Central High, make sure you buy up the rest of the peanut brittle.

Principal Edwards is counting on you.