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I was watching Deal or No Deal last night — girlfriend’s request; well, that and no NBA Finals (btw, where the hell was Haley?) — and when I saw the contestant, the first thing I thought of was, “damn, is that Mike Golic’s long-lost twin brother?” Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

First, we have last night’s contestant, Adam “Mike Golic’s Twin” Hansen:

Mike Golic's Twin

Followed by the inspiration for this post, Mr. Notre Dame himself:

Mike Golic

That’s awfully close to spitting image territory — at least from where I am sitting. Bonus: the contestant acts similar to Golic when he gets excited.

When I saw Hansen jumping up and down last night, I had a mental image of Golic doing the same thing when Greenberg disagrees with him in the morning; or when he goes off on one of his rants. Kinda like the David Lee from the Knicks tirade sound bite ESPN played over and over.