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Revolutionary War

Andy Roddick survived a marathon match against Lleyton Hewitt to advance to the semi-finals of Wimbledon. Roddick’s win was powered by 43 aces and sets up a just-in-time-for-Independence-Day match against “British” hopeful, Andy Murray. Only this time, it’s the United States that’s doing the invading. I know, I know, Andy Murray is technically Scottish, but considering Scotland is still under the Queen of England’s rule, we’ll go ahead and force the Battle of Independence Day Eve storyline a little. Normally, I try not to act like a dumb American, but for some reason, my devilish side would absolutely love it if, after beating Murray, Roddick jumped up on the referee’s chair and screamed, “No taxation without representation, bitches!!!”

Of course, he’d probably be banned from ever coming back to not just Wimbledon, but the entire British Isles themselves.