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In the lead video, we have the Yang’s eagle putt that essentially secured his shocking PGA Championship win. Granted, he tried to give it back with a bogey at 17, but that fire was quickly put out with his birdie to close out the tournament. So much has been said about Tiger losing his first major in such a manner, so I’ll save the rehash. Although, Hannah Storm said this morning it was only Tiger’s third loss in such a condition since he’s been a pro. The stat she quoted was, after yesterday’s fall, 47 out of 50. That’s how many times Tiger’s had the outright lead in a tournament and lost.

Of course, if you putt like Woods did on Sunday — he was 3-over on the day — you’ll probably lose whatever lead you established as well.

While folks try and label this has a choke or simply Woods getting beat by the better golfer — on that day — it’s important to note Tiger will still finish the PGA season as the number-one ranked golfer in the world. In fact, his second place finish, while undoubtedly disappointing, essentially secures such a finish. As for Yang — whose given name is Yang Yong-eun — it wouldn’t be surprising if he was named the new president of all Korea, not just the South side.

Step aside, Kim Jong-Il, there’s a new sheriff in town, one that just kicked Tiger Woods’ ass.