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Posts Tagged ‘Xavier Henry’

Xavier Henry or John Wall?

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John Wall or Xavier Henry

Pop quiz, hotshot: Let’s say you are the coach of a big time school, say somewhere like Kansas or Kentucky, and you have one remaining scholarship to give out to an incoming player. Also, your roster is complete; that is, your team isn’t lacking for any one position or player. Essentially, the final scholarship can be used on a player of choice. To sweeten the pot, let’s say there are two players who want to come to play for you, and those two are Xavier Henry and John Wall, probably the two most dynamic, explosive freshmen in college basketball right now.

And that’s with no offense to folks like Lance Stephenson or Kenny Boynton, either. With that in mind, who do you choose?

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Hopefully, This Settles It (Xavier Henry)

Xavier Henry Tweet

Can this whole Xavier Henry saga be done now, please? First of all, I’m not really sure why this subject was even topical to begin with. If Carl Henry gives normal, trained-by-a-publicist responses to the Kansas City Star, instead of throwing the KU team under a “my son should be front and center” bus, there would be no legs for the story to walk with. Instead, the fallout of the KC Star interview required two revisions and led to unnecessary revelations about Xavier Henry perhaps leaving Kansas for John Calipari and Kentucky. But at the end of the day, and after reading what Evan Daniels and Jeff Goodman tweeted, it’s hard not to get the impression this was much ado about nothing — or an unnecessary grab for additional spotlight.

Look, I know it’s summer and people tend to forget about college basketball, or at least put it on the back burner; however, manufacturing stories for the sake of keeping your son’s name topical is not the way to go about fostering good conversation… Or to win over the fans.

Attention Whore Status? (Henry Brothers)

Xavier Henry

An interview in the Kansas City Star with Carl Henry, one that was semi-refuted, has caused some eyes to open about whether or not the Henry boys, Xavier and C.J., will be suiting up for Bill Self this fall. While the primary reason this is even a topic has to do with the NBA’s “one year out of high school” rule, the story received its legs when the elder Henry dropped a number of bombs in the interview in question. The KC Star article was controversial enough, Daddy Henry felt it necessary to clear the air. Twice.

The details of the initial interview are everywhere if you feel like catching up.

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