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Landon Donovan

By scoring perhaps the most dramatic goal in the history of US Soccer, Landon Donovan, with one touch of his right foot’s instep, secured the US’ World Cup advancement to the knock-out round of 16, vaulted his team to the top of Group C, all while preventing the setback of the US soccer movement by years, if not generations. Yes, Donovan’s game-winner was just that big. After 90-plus minutes of a nerve-racking 0-0 tie, the United States finally broke the seal. Once the goal was confirmed by the referee — not a sure thing by any means for the US so far — you could feel a sense of relief, mixed with exaltation.

Again, Donovan’s game-winner was just that big.

To quote the superior English soccer announcers, “brilliant.”

If the Presidential election was held today, Donovan would be a considerable opponent for any nominee, regardless of the political party they represented.