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Posts Tagged ‘Women’s Tennis’

Women’s French Open Final Set

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Ana Ivanovic

While the men are deciding who plays on Sunday — Rafael Nadal already advanced, beating Novak Djokovic, 6-4, 6-2, 7-6 while the Federer/Monfils match is currently in-progress — the Women’s Final is all ready to go. The match will feature Ana Ivanovic taking on the upstart Dinara Safina tomorrow afternoon on the Chatrier court.

To advance, Ivanovic outlasted Jelena Jankovic, 6-4, 3-6, 6-4. In the other semi-finals match, Safina beat Svetlana Kuznetsova, 6-3, 6-2. Looking at the scores, you have to believe because Safina had the easier match and therefore, expended less energy than her opponent, she’ll have much more than a fighting chance on Saturday. Of course, most of the Eye Candy appreciators will be watching for Ivanovic’s striking appearance but unfortunately for her, these things aren’t decided by how good you look.

And it’s hard to find anyone on the women’s side of the French Open who has been playing better tennis than Safina. In three straight matches, she’s beaten the Women’s number 1, 7 and 3rd ranked players in the world. Will she be able to beat the Women’s number 2 in Ivanovic? We’ll find out tomorrow.

Dinara Safina

French Open: Women’s Final Four Set

Jelena Jankovic

To say the Slavic countries are well represented in this year’s 2008 Women’s French Open Final Four is an understatement. On one side, we have Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic, two Serbians, going against each other. On the other side of the draw, we have Svetlana Kuznetsova versus Dinara Safina. Each represents Russia.

Both Kuznetsova and Safina won matches earlier this morning to propel them to the semi-final round.

However, most of the attention will probably be on the other match when Ivanovic and Jankovic square off against each other. Because of Justine Henin’s shocking retirement, these two were considered two-of-the-three favorites to win the French Open. The other, Maria Sharapova, was ousted by Safina earlier this week. However, because the two Serbs are the default favorites does not mean the winner of their match will simply be able to stroll their way to French Open championship.

Once their match is complete, one of them will have to face the winner of Safina/Kuznetsova. Safina has turned heads because of the Sharapova and Elena Dementieva dispatches whereas Kuznetsova is merely ranked fourth in world and already has made one French Open final in 2006.

Of course, another reason for all the attention being paid to the Ivanovic/Jankovic match-up might have something to do with this:

Ana Ivanovic

Just a thought.

The matches are scheduled to take place on Thursday.

Intentional Eye Candy: Alona Bondarenko

One thing’s for sure, there are a lot more hotter women’s tennis players than we are led to believe. One such player we’ve already discussed in Elena Dementieva; and now we have Alona Bondarenko (Hooked on Fonix werked 4 me), another stunner from the Slavic region of the globe.

Alona Bondarenko

But like I indicated, these examples aren’t the only ones.

In Alona’s case, she rose to blogger fame on the strength of her K-Swiss advertisement (above) that showed up a little while ago, well, that and her ability to hit a tennis ball. However, in the case of the blogosphere, it was probably more for the K-Swiss image.

Eh, we are what we are. ;) Without further adieu, I present more Alona Bondarenko. Congratulations on your IEC award.

Alona Bondarenko Alona Bondarenko Alona Bondarenko

Bonus: a video comparison of Alona and Maria Sharapova for your Friday enjoyment.

Serena Williams is Really Healthy

The following picture is of WTA great, Serena Williams and it goes a long way in explaining why she can hit such powerful shots.

Serena Williams

To quote one Keanu “Neo” Reeves:


Again, is it any surprise that she can absolutely smoke the ball when she hits ground strokes? Any at all?

H/T to You Been Blinded.

Intentional Eye Candy: Elena Dementieva is Really Striking

Elena Dementieva

Women’s Professional Tennis is certainly filled with its share of players that are considerably easy on the eyes. The funny thing about it is, they all seem to hail from Slavic countries. Names like Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova are very familiar. However, there’s one name—as pointed out by on205th—that may have been overlooked.

The person I’m talking about is Elena Dementieva. Not only is she an exceptional tennis player (ranked 10th in the WTA), she’s also, like the title suggests, incredibly striking. Now you won’t find her doing spreads like you’d find in Co-ed Magazine (except for maybe the one featured on on205th) but the fact remains, she’s attractive, talented and now, she’s a member of the famous IEC crew. ;)

Elena Dementieva

Congratulations, Elena. Enjoy your award. Bonus: She also has INCREDIBLE legs.

More Elena after the jump ››