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Posts Tagged ‘Winter X Games’

Snowmobiles And Double Backflips

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Saw this over the weekend on Fark Sports, so I thought I’d share. What we have is Levi Lavallee’s double backflip attempt for ESPN’s Winter X Games. While Lavallee didn’t stick the landing, it was close enough for my enjoyment–although, the judges expect competitors to finish the trick, which obviously includes the landing portion. Stupid rules. Because he didn’t stick the landing, Lavallee lost the event to Dane Ferguson, who did a single flip, but finished his trick off with the proper landing.

Video of Ferguson’s jump after, well, the jump >>

Intentional Eye Candy: Snowboarder Edition

In honor of Gretchen Bleiler (and Winter X), who decided she wasn’t going to do provocative poses without clothes any more, we decided to focus on some ladies from the winter sports neighborhood. Currently, the Winter X Games 12 are going on over at the Worldwide, so if you’re into snow, skis, half-pipes, snowboards and wipe-outs, check out EXPN’s page for more info.

But without further adieu, allow me to present some of the ladies of Winter X. Because of Bleiler’s change of heart, I figured we’d lead off with her. Enjoy:

Gretchen Bleiler

Lindsey Jacobellis
Lindsey Jacobellis

Clair Bidez
Clair Bidez

Domnique Maltais
Dominique Maltais

Doresia Krings
Doresia Krings