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Posts Tagged ‘Winter Sports’

Snowmobiles And Double Backflips

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Saw this over the weekend on Fark Sports, so I thought I’d share. What we have is Levi Lavallee’s double backflip attempt for ESPN’s Winter X Games. While Lavallee didn’t stick the landing, it was close enough for my enjoyment–although, the judges expect competitors to finish the trick, which obviously includes the landing portion. Stupid rules. Because he didn’t stick the landing, Lavallee lost the event to Dane Ferguson, who did a single flip, but finished his trick off with the proper landing.

Video of Ferguson’s jump after, well, the jump >>

Crashing In A Winter Wonderland

We’ve stayed away from pwnage-style videos for a while, well, except the dunks and such, but sometimes you discover something that just has to be shared with the rest of the world. Take the above video, for instance. The title says it’s the “Best Ski Crash In History,” and after watching it, the uploader might be on to something. The sad thing is, said crasher almost landed that sick little freestyle trick they were attempting.

Unfortunately for the skier, the crash was even more spectacular than the trick being attempted.