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Gators Run Kentucky Over

After losing 24-straight games (now 25) to one team, getting one’s hopes up for a road win in said team’s house is probably asking a little much, but is asking a team to play like they aren’t scared? Apparently. Kentucky went down to Gainesville, after some hype of an upset special, and laid an absolute egg, losing 48-14. Kentucky’s “defense” (I’m hesitant to call it that after their performance against the Gators, perhaps tackling dummies is more appropriate) essentially played dead against a Florida team who had been struggling on the offensive end.

Well, six Trey Burton touchdowns later, and the Mildcats showed they still have a long way to go to compete with the Florida Gators of the world, no matter how much their offense struggles in the previous weeks. There was one play that summed up Kentucky’s efforts quite well, something I’m sure you’ve seen by now, but thanks to 30fps, we’ve got it in animated gif form:

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