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Posts Tagged ‘When Good Dunks Go Bad’

Adam Waddell Should Hang On The Rim

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Apparently, these also-ran tournaments are where are all the highlight-worthy dunks are at — at least until tomorrow. What we have here is Wyoming center Adam Waddell and his steal/breakaway two-handed dunk attempt. Actually, the attempt was successful; however, the landing? Not so much. Waddell didn’t hang on the rim long enough, so his momentum took him head-over-heels, causing him to flip in the air and land on his neck. And his back. Kind of like Ezal from the Friday movie. Waddell’s dunk/flip/fall comes on the heels of Syracuse’s Kristof Ongenaet, who had the same thing happen to him against Louisville.

Unfortunately for Ongenaet, his landing evidently wasn’t as successful as Waddell’s. Waddell got up laughing while Ongenaet, well, didn’t. Oddly enough, both teams with the flipping white guy dunkers lost their respective games. The Orange lost the Big East title game to the Cardinals and Wyoming got beat by two point last night.

Evidently, these kinds of dunks don’t help your team’s victory cause. Oh well, it’s good highlight fodder.

Kristof Ongenaet Goes Down Hard (March Madness)

There was so much happening this weekend, a lot of this type of stuff slipped through the cracks–at least for me, it did. What we have here is Kristof Ongenaet of Syracuse going up for a dunk against Louisville. Unfortunately for Ongenaet, he didn’t hang onto the rim long enough and wound up flat on his back. Oh, and Syracuse, after a grueling trek, lost to Louisville, helping the Cardinals get the top overall seed. For their efforts in the Big East Tournament, Syracuse was rewarded with a 3-seed in the South bracket. From where I’m sitting, if the Orange can replicate the effort given in their conference tournament, they shouldn’t have much of a problem getting to the Sweet 16.

In all likelihood, however, Blake Griffin will be there waiting on them. Hopefully, Ongenaet’s back is feeling OK by then, because I can’t imagine having Griffin beat on you for 40 minutes would be incredibly therapeutic.