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Posts Tagged ‘Weekly Pwnage’

Parkour Done Correctly, Incorrectly

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Ever since I saw the opening sequence of Casino Royale, I’ve been oddly fascinated by parkour. Not that I could ever pull off much of what the “art” consists of, but nevertheless, I’m awfully impressed by those that do. In the following videos, we have two examples, one demonstrating the correct way to “do” parkour. The other one? Not so much.

First, the correct way. It’s is a little long but it’s worth the watch, even if the editor went a little overboard with the effects.

This next one — or the incorrect way — is a much shorter but it does a great job of demonstrating why those of us lacking the requisite parkour skill should probably leave well enough alone.

Broken ribs, anyone?

Weekly Pwnage: Deron Williams Over Houston

While this play starts with Rafer Alston trying to contain the Utah point guard on the perimeter, it ends up with he and Shane Battier getting absolutely dunked on. Williams’ play was just one of multitude of highlights from the NBA Playoffs this weekend — highlights you might’ve missed as they were buried under two days of Chris Berman, Ron Jaworski, Mel Kiper, Keyshawn Johnson, et al.

Odenized has this posted as well but he includes the subsequent play showing just how dominant Williams was down the stretch Saturday night…

Well, besides his two missed free throws at the end but even then, he was bailed out by Mehmet Okur and his potentially game-saving offensive rebound, a rebound that just escaped being secured by McGrady’s hands.

Football ain’t the only game of inches, it appears.

Weekly Pwnage: Richard Jefferson Dunks On Okafor’s Nose

Man. Those forearms can be lethal. In other news, that will probably be one of the last highlights for the New Jersey Nets as they are set to begin their fishing vacation after tonight’s games come to a close.

Next up for the Nets: the NBA Lottery. Good luck in the Michael Beasley/Derrick Rose sweepstakes. Stranger things have happened when it comes to the NBA Draft.

H/T to Odenized, of course. Who else uploads these awesome NBA videos with such speed?

Weekly Pwnage: CDR Wrecks Josh Shipp and Kevin Love

Welcome to the Final Four guys. I hope you enjoyed your stay. I’m guessing the Kevin Love factor, you know, the thing everyone kept saying would make all the difference in the Memphis/UCLA game, didn’t really manifest.

Unless you consider a player who is almost 7 feet tall standing there with his hands up while he’s getting absolutely hammered by an opposing player’s dunk a factor.

Hey Kevin, maybe should — you know — foul him next time.

Weekly Pwnage: Own Goals Can Really Suck

Saw this on Digg and I thought I should share.

As a soccer player who has himself kicked an own goal, let me just say they suck. There’s aren’t very many feelings worse than knowing you just hurt your team. But see, if the goalie would’ve stopped the damn ball, my back-pass never would’ve gone in… Oh wait…

Back to the video: I love the way the defenders are laying on the ground after the attempted clearance wound up in the back of the net.

Although, I can understand.

Watching an own goal happen to your own team is like taking a kick to male lower region. Now imagine if you are the offending party… Sorry, still got some unresolved issues left to work through.

Weekly Pwnage: Tyson, Meet Jason

So what’s better? A blocked shot or getting dunked on? How about blocking an alley-oop dunk attempt? I’m not sure but you might want to ask Jason Maxiell and Tyson Chandler their opinion before making yours:

The saying, “Don’t you bring that weak sh** in here” comes to mind but Chandler doesn’t go weak to the rim. Maxiell was just a little stronger than he was. It’s almost like the irresistible force, immovable object paradox.

In this case, the immovable object (Maxiell) won.

Weekly Pwnage: Greg Paulus, Meet Danny Green

From the “I doubt you missed this but you need to see it again and again” files, Danny Green put the exclamation mark on North Carolina’s victory over Duke on Saturday, much to the enjoyment of Cameron “Crazies” (is “Crazies” short for not very knowledgeable when it comes to college basketball?).

If Greg keeps this up, he’ll join Reggie Love in the tea bag Hall of Fame.

Weekly Pwnage: Strong Dunks and Strange Goals

This week, we are giving you two choices for your weekly pwnage award… Because, you know, it’s all about selection. Our first one serves as a little redemption for one Rudy Gay and his dunk contest failure. After trying to hype the crowd by requesting input on YouTube, he went out and got lost in the Dwight Howard/Gerald Green onslaught.

A word of advice: when D-Howard shakes up the world with his behind-the-backboard dunk, you probably shouldn’t do one that’s in the same vein. It only gets lost in the shuffle. However, last night, Rudy redeemed himself by absolutely abusing Joakim Noah, something TBL noticed as well.

Too bad you can’t simulate game conditions in the dunk contest, right Rudy.

More Pwnage, including Steven Gerrard after the jump ››