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Posts Tagged ‘Weak’

Did Carl Landry Break a Mirror?

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Carl Landry

Being a Houston Rocket has been a taxing ordeal on Carl Landry. Last season, he got his tooth knocked out by Carlos Boozer and this morning, around 4:20 Houston time, Landry got shot in the leg while he was driving his car. Evidently, a car with two assailants hit Landry’s vehicle and when he got out to inspect the damage, one of the occupants fired two shots at Landry, one of which struck his leg. However, don’t think a simple “flesh wound” (as others have called it) is going to keep Landry on sidelines for long. In fact, Landry didn’t even require surgery after going through such an ordeal:

Landry, 25, was released after treatment at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. A team spokesman said he suffered a flesh wound and is expected to be out of the lineup for one to two weeks.

That Carl Landry is one tough SOB. You knock his tooth out and later that night, he’s smiling and giving jovial interviews for the camera. Shoot him in the leg and all you get is flesh wounds and Landry being out for about for only a week or so. If this was an attempt to repeat the Nancy Kerrigan fiasco–hurting Landry to keep him out of the Rockets line-up–then you failed. Yeah, you put him on the shelf for a week or so, but according to reports, he’ll be just fine and ready for the NBA Playoffs.

Conversely, if this was just a random act of violence connected to an attempted robbery, the person who shot at Landry simply sucks at life. I know, that’s some really hard hitting analysis there, but sometimes, flowery words and long-winded essays about society aren’t necessary. Sometimes, telling the person(s) involved that they are way beyond contempt will suffice. Of course, jail time works as well, but that would mean catching the perpetrators–a doubtful proposition, considering the circumstances.

As for Landry, Henry Abbot is right: Dwight Howard should relinquish his Superman cape and allow the Rockets power forward to wear it.

More on Larry Johnson’s Troubles


Yesterday, we reported about some additional trouble for Larry “I Love the Nightlife” Johnson who can’t seem to avoid drama when he hits the town. This time, LJ allegedly spit a drink in someone’s face and threatened to kill her boyfriend.

More LJ drama after the jump >>

Weekly Pwnage: Tyson, Meet Jason

So what’s better? A blocked shot or getting dunked on? How about blocking an alley-oop dunk attempt? I’m not sure but you might want to ask Jason Maxiell and Tyson Chandler their opinion before making yours:

The saying, “Don’t you bring that weak sh** in here” comes to mind but Chandler doesn’t go weak to the rim. Maxiell was just a little stronger than he was. It’s almost like the irresistible force, immovable object paradox.

In this case, the immovable object (Maxiell) won.