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Posts Tagged ‘Washington Wizards’

Andray Blatche Does A Great Albert Haynesworth

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Against the Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards forward Andray Blatche demonstrated the absolute perfect way to absolutely not play pick-and-roll defense. It was so bad, in fact, it reminded me of masterful demonstration of effort and perseverance Albert Haynesworth displayed against the Philadelphia Eagles.

That is to say, none.

After the jump, visual evidence of Blatche’s imitation of Haynesworth >>

John Wall’s Energy is Infectious

John Wall was a stat-stuffer supreme for his Washington Wizards against the Houston Rockets, recording an impressive 19 point, 10 rebound, 13 assist triple-double, along with a gaudy six steals. Oh, and Wall only turned the ball over one time in his 42 minutes of play. For young rookie who has the ball in hands as much as Wall does, not to mention, the quality of his teammates not being top shelf, it’s even more impressive.

More Wall love after the jump >>

John Wall’s Awesome Home Debut

John Wall

While a lot of folks are concentrating on John Wall doing “the Dougie” during his introduction — So. Many. Videos. — he also had a stupendous debut for the Washington Wizards crowd: 29 points, 13 assists (although, he did have eight turnovers), and a whopping nine steals, one of which is below:

After the jump >>

A John Wall Steal and Dunk to Start the Weekend

While he’s still turning the ball over more than you’d like a point guard to — you know, being a rookie and all that — it certainly looks a great deal of John Wall’s NBA success will be tied to his ability to become a one-man fast break pretty much at will. If, on the switch from defense to offense, Wall has a step on the opposing team, he’s going to rim and he’s probably going to beat everybody there in the process.

And if he’s not ahead of the pack, his ability to set his teammates up should mean a lot of opportunities for them to finish. All they have to do is fill the lanes and run with Wall. Just ask Nick Young.

While the NBA clearly belongs to the Kobe Bryants and LeBron James of the world, there’s an influx of young talent — not including Kevin Durant either — and they’re not going to simply defer to the established stars. From the looks of this particular preseason, they are going to go right at the “old guard,” as their names become more and more synonymous with NBA stardom.

The question is, who’s going to lead that charge? If the early returns are any indication, John Wall be at the front, setting the pace, while big men like Blake Griffin and DeMarcus Cousins will be there to slam it home, especially if they are being slept on and overlooked.

Even John Wall’s Layups Excite Fans

John Wall

The John Wall era is well underway in Washington — there’s been a Midnight Madness celebration, a “John Wall Day,” and, as if to prove he’s worth all the attention, Wall has been performing well in team scrimmages.

All in all, the excitement level for the Wizards, thanks in large part to Wall’s presence, is a lot higher than it has been recently.

As you can see in the following video, Wall is doing all that he can to prove he’s worth the attention, and dropping 360-degree layups in traffic is a great way to endear one’s self to a fanbase that’s desperate for a winner.

While it’s doubtful the Wizards will win a bunch of games, giving the fans something to be excited about in relation to the future of the franchise is good form, especially coming off the miserable season they had last year.

LeBron Dunks His Wrist Off

LeBron's Wrist

Adding potential injury to a Washington Wizards whipping, LeBron James hurt his wrist during a late fourth quarter dunk last night. When he left the court after the game, James’ wrist was wrapped in what looked like 20 bags of ice and about 15 ace bandages. Obviously, the motto here is no precaution is too big (or small) when it comes to protecting the franchise — even if he only has one more season left on his contract. Oddly enough, the dunk wound up being a garbage bucket, because the Cavaliers could never mount a late fourth quarter comeback against the Wizards. While the injury isn’t too serious — X-rays were not necessary — it certainly couldn’t have felt very good:
“I hit it pretty bad on the rim,” said James, who iced his wrist in the locker room after the game. “It’s like you hit your funny bone, but it’s not funny at all.”

So much for helping the Browns now. It’s hard enough catching Brady Quinn’s passes as it is. I imagine it would be next to impossible with an injured extremity.

Image courtesy of the DC Sports Bog.

Obama Likes Basketball, Beer


Last Friday night, the Commander in Chief/basketball/beer lover Obama attended the Washington Wizards/Chicago Bulls game in Washington, where he watched his Bulls get pasted by the lowly Wiz, 113-90. While he was there, President Obama received a standing ovation from everyone, including the players, discussed world events with future leaders, enjoyed the view of a Wizards cheerleader and drank some beer. In other words, he was just like a normal basketball fan. Pictures of his attendance are here, with a H/T to Mr. Irrelevant for the find.

The fact President Obama went to the game is commendable. The fact that he stayed to watch a team like the Wizards beat his Chicago Bulls proves he has the patience and self control for world leadership.

Gilbert Believes In Change

Gilbert Arenas

As we documented, a lot of athletes are riding Obama’s wave, and again, social change will do that. Washington guard Gilbert Arenas joined in the celebration, but his was done with permanent ink. Arenas indicated he got new tattoos to celebrate Obama’s election, but now we have a picture, courtesy of NBC Washington (and a bunch of blogs).

Gilbert’s fingers believe in change. How about yours?