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Posts Tagged ‘Viral Marketing’

These Ladies Were Booted From the World Cup

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Dutch Fans

Now, why on earth would FIFA officials remove such a lovely group? Because they weren’t really fans. According to the Daily Mail, the ladies in orange, 36 of them in total, were part of a viral marketing attempt by Bavaria, a Dutch beer brewer. This isn’t the first time the Bavaria makers have tried coupling sex, beer and underground marketing techniques; although, perhaps this is the first time their models were summarily rejected.

However, the “failed” viral marketing attempt — I quotes around the word “failed” because, essentially, it worked. We’re talking about it. — doesn’t end with a beer company only getting one half of the exposure they were seeking. There’s also blame to lay, and that, folks, was placed ever so gently at the feet of Robbie Earle, an soccer analyst for ITV. Earle apparently donated his tickets to the Bavaria makers cause and was shown the door for his efforts.

Hopefully, Earle received more from the Bavaria brewers besides their appreciation.

Reebok’s Viral Ads are Full of Naked Goodness

Reebok Body
Image is unrelated, save being Reebok. I just like the picture

First, it was Chuck Liddel and his very stacked girlfriend, Holly Northcott, working out in the buff, and now, we have the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson running through the woods with his, well, Johnson hanging out. Naturally, Reebok pixelates all the R-rated stuff, but one’s imagination can fill in the digitized boxes if one chooses to (with Northcott, that’s a big yes).

The common denominator in these naked commercials are the shoes the focal points are wearing, and considering the title of this post, the name should be quite clear. Apparently, these ads are the next step in Reebok’s evolution, one that began in earnest when they introduced the Easy Tone commercial girl (Jessica Felice) into our lives.

Video after the jump >>

A Thought About LeBron and Jordan

Jordan Crawford

Something occurred to me while sitting through, like, Day 3000 of LeBron’s Dunkgate “scandal” concerning Jordan Crawford’s now-mythical dunk: Is this another viral marketing move on Nike’s part, and Ryan Miller is simply playing along? Granted, there’s not much you can do, commercial-wise, with an NCAA athlete, lest you want to threaten his eligibility. Regardless, there’s just too much buzz surrounding a simple, but probably very impressive dunk over the NBA’s reigning King for Nike NOT to capitalize on it.

Perhaps TNT’s Kenny Smith is in on it as well.