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Posts Tagged ‘Vince Carter’

Orlando Is a Walking Highlight Reel

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Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are undefeated in the 2010 NBA Playoffs. They are the only team to boast such a record. For some reason, however, one of the louder responses has to do with the quality of their competition. Granted, the Charlotte Bobcats, nor the Atlanta Hawks were/are going to win the NBA Championship. Nevertheless, both of these teams had above .500 records, something not true about Cleveland’s opening-round opponent, the Chicago Bulls, who finished the season 41-41.

How much stock you put into that depends on how much stock you put into transitive properties in sports.

Whatever you think of the Magic’s chances of getting representing the of Eastern Conference in the Finals, it’s hard to deny how impressive the Magic have looked against the Atlanta Hawks — and that’s not even considering the 43-point Game 1 debacle. In Game 2, the Hawks actually competed. It didn’t matter. As indicated, the Magic unfurled a can of highlight reel-worthy basketball against the Hawks in Game 2; led, quite naturally, by their man-child Dwight Howard.

Highlights after the jump >>

Olympics: Blogging Yes, YouTube No

Guess what? You can blog—well, accredited people and athletes can—at the upcoming Olympic Games, but you can’t post any media from said events. So yeah, blog posts about incredible displays of athleticism are all good, just don’t post a picture of the medal ceremony…

ReadWriteWeb has the details about the IOC’s brilliant decision, which is just about as smart as NBC’s stranglehold on footage from their Olympic broadcasts.

I didn’t get to appreciate Vince Carter’s incredible dunk until I got a hold of the Internet.

Vince’s sick dunk after the jump ››