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Posts Tagged ‘Video’

Charles Barkley Should Channel Heavy-D

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Tsk, tsk, Charles. Don’t curse at your studio mates, even if their question of the night was loaded in a way to throw you off. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect two NBA groupies to show up and ask that question either, but I’m not sure if it was “asshole-ish” behavior on their part. Although, on second thought

While he did apologize to Ernie and Kenny, perhaps next time, Barkley needs to channel Heavy-D, and, well, “Don’t Curse.”

Chuck’s apology after the jump >>

More Jordan Over LeBron Video

Here’s another angle of the “Jordan Crawford over LeBron” dunk that, all of a sudden, we can’t keep from discovering. Where was this two weeks ago, guys?

Oh, and for those defending LeBron, saying he was merely late on the rotation; you might want to watch again. He got caught being lackadaisical on defense and Crawford made him pay for his mistake. Simple as that. Still, I don’t see why LeBron was so damn worried about this tape getting out. It’s not like his reputation as the NBA’s best player took a hit because he got dunked on. The relatively benign nature of this dunk — something I’m sure happens time and time again in NBA practices — only makes James look worse.

Really, was there something these vids that was worth hiding? The answer, after such a long and unnecessary wait is a resounding “no.”

H/t to eBaum Nation for the find — although, I’m not sure a press release was entirely necessary.

There’s Catching the Football…

And then there’s this.

I don’t think I’ve seen someone snag a football quite like what Edwin Baptiste of Morgan State does in the following video. There aren’t many adjectives that work here:

Some are debating whether or not Baptiste’s catch was the greatest ever. For me, this is an easy choice.

Another great catch after the jump >>

I Believe I Can Fly

Sorry for the cheesy, R. Kelly-inspired post title, but I think I’m feeling the same thing WithLeather is feeling: it’s gonna be a slow Friday. Because of that, I’ve been dutifully perusing the video sites, looking for something entertaining to bring you.

I think this next video accomplishes that… if you like watching off-road, Enduro motorcycle riders go airborne.

Yeah, all the, “that had to hurt” responses came to my head after watching that. And you know what? Those responses were dead-on. This should help make the day go by a little faster while we are waiting breathlessly for the NBA All-Star festivities to begin, right?

Tennis Courts and Diet Coke Don’t Mix

Yes, it’s Friday and that means it’s time for some frivolity. Take for instance this next fellow. Apparently, Mentos and Diet Coke just wasn’t doing it for him so he decides to football spike a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola’s Diet Battery Acid. The results of said spike are unexpected… and quite entertaining:

So the moral is, the next time you are playing tennis, watch out for kids with full two-liter bottles. You might get some of it on you.