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Posts Tagged ‘Video Games’

Kobe Lets His Inner Solider Out

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Kobe Bryant is part of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops marketing blitz, and their newest commercial is pretty damn cool. The idea is, of course, these are game-players, seeing themselves in their avatar’s skin, running around trying to frag other noobs, and it’s executed brilliantly.

However, considering the fact Kobe’s brandishing military armament, affectionately named “Mamba,” there’s already some backlash, or the fear thereof.

Folks, it’s an M-rated game and Kobe is over 18.

NBA 2K11 Features 40 Pairs of Air Jordans

Air Jordans

After yesterday’s love letter, it’s clear I’m excited for the NBA 2K11/Michael Jordan basketball game, but after this little head’s up from The Basketball Jones (via, I’m even more stoked. Evidently, players can unlock 40 different Air Jordan variations, the shoe that cemented Nike as part of our society’s collective conscious.

Not only do the unlockable Jordans allow you to customize appearances, they also give the player an attribute boost as well. For instance, when you unlock the ones in the lead image, the player receives a +2 in the ball handling department, and with over 40 different shoe buffs to choose from, variety will be your friend. In one game, you can have Jordan wearing shoes that give him a +10 on dunks and in another game, you can equip a pair that gives a +5 Defensive Low Post.

You know, just in case you’re guarding Kobe Bryant or another post-playing guard.

Yes, these 40 additional unlockables are there to entice potential buyers, and man, it worked on me. Granted, I was already on-board with 2K11, but this just cements my decision even further. I can imagine the same is true for all those Air Jordan collectors out there. One more thing, Kobe’s commercial for 2K11 is pretty awesome:

Kobe’s smart for drafting Jordan. What better way to protect your legacy than by putting the man who has a better one on your team?

Michael Jordan > NBA Jam

Op/ed time:

Yes, I was one of the millions that loved NBA Jam back in the day. I was pretty deadly with Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin, and with that in mind, I understand the hype around the new edition of the game, and with the release of the unlockables list, but there was always one NBA figure the NBA Jams crew could never secure:

Michael Jordan.

And that’s why I’m stoked about NBA 2k11. Hell, some would say it’s the reason I bought a PS3; although, I maintain my Blu-Ray defense as well. Nevertheless, the idea of being able to play as Michael Jordan in many, many different modes, is what pushed me towards Sony’s box, as opposed to a Wii. Granted, NBA Jams comes out on the PS3 soon, but you still won’t have playable Michael Jordan as an option.

I, for one, can’t wait to put Air up against the LeBrons and Kobes of the world so we can finally put a rest to this “who’s better” stuff — even if it’s only in a virtual format. All I know is the first time I hear, “From North Carolina, number 23…” and see the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the opposing team’s bench, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel exactly like a kid again.

Young NBA Greats Relive Air Jordan Moments

Rajon Rondo

Sony’s Sports 2K series, while perhaps not getting the same unconditional love as EA Sports, has been producing quality sports games. Unfortunately, their catalog no longer includes the NFL, thanks to the EA’s exclusive deal, but that hasn’t stopped from making great NBA simulations. Thanks to a special, highly-coveted guest start, this year’s NBA 2K11 looks like they’ve upped the ante by including perhaps the best, most famous basketball player ever.

I am, of course, talking about Michael Jeffrey Jordan. The inclusion of the man, they myth, is, from Sony’s perspective, the natural evolution of their brand. Simply put, you get to play as Michael Jordan, reliving some of his greatest on-the-court accomplishments, among other options.

If I’m not mistaken, Jordan will also be available as a rookie to be drafted, meaning you can mold his career how and on whatever franchise you see fit.

Now, something so cool — I bought a PS3 pretty much for this game — doesn’t really need a lot of publicity or marketing campaigns to attract the masses. With Jordan on the cover, the thing will sell itself. That, however, didn’t stop them from creating an awesome commercial, featuring the NBA’s new breed playing, enjoying, and reminiscing about their favorite Jordan moves.

We have Derrick Rose baking a Jordan cake, Rajon Rondo washing windows, while Andre Iguodala Josh Smith and Russell Westbrook join in from the couch. What follows? Well, see for yourself:

I, for one, am impatiently biding my time until October 5. Watch out, too, because if I’m not careful, I’ll have Michael Jordan playing for that new pro team in Lexington — the Kentucky Wildcats: NBA Edition.

H/t to YBB for the find.

It’s Blake Griffin’s World

…And for the next 48-72 hours, we are simply going to be living in it. In about 24-plus hours, Griffin will be made the overall number one pick in tomorrow night’s NBA Draft. Not only that, he’ll be asked to perform an almost-impossible task — make the Clippers a relevant NBA team. Of course, if you follow myth, it took God a few days to create the universe and he/she is an omnipotent being. Blake Griffin, on the other hand, is merely a very good basketball player with the potential to be one of the greats. With that in mind, let’s keep the miracle requests (be to the Clip joint what LeBron is to Cleveland, for one) at an achievable level for now.

More on basking in Blake Griffin’s world after the jump >>

Was Dwight Howard Cursed By EA?

Did EA’s “Madden Curse” wander over to their NBA property? One would think after the way Dwight Howard bricked those free throws in the closing seconds of Game 4… Unless you’d rather believe the reveal of EA’s NBA Live 2010 cover, featuring Dwight Howard, and the corresponding missed free throws are unrelated.

Where’s the fun in that?

Give yourself over to whatever curse or jinx makes you comfortable, Orlando fans. It might be your only way to find solace.

Madden 10 Cover Revealed

Madden 10

Apparently, the folks at EA Sports don’t want either the Pittsburgh Steelers nor the Arizona Cardinals to revisit the Super Bowl next February. Why else would Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu be on the cover of Madden 10? The most popular — and perhaps most redundant (What, roster and gameplay patch updates as downloadable content is out of the question?) — sports console game maybe ever has uncovered their latest installment. This time, however, there are two players on the cover; which could be an effort to spread the dreaded Madden curse around — or to nullify it.

Either way, I don’t doubt some Steelers fans, as well as Cardinals fans, just had a slight sinking feeling. And after looking at the Snopes page for the Madden curse, documenting each and every one, it’s easy to see why. Perhaps the dual-player cover will have a different effect, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The game itself comes out on August 14, which will undoubtedly be a huge “I’m staying home and playing Madden all day” day.

Tom Brady Is Coming To Your Backyard

BackyardPrepare to welcome the younger version of the quarterback with the most famous ankle in the world into your backyard as Tom Brady is coming to you in youth form as the starring player in Backyard Football for the Nintendo Wii.

So if you ever wanted to pound on Brady as a child for beating your favorite team these past few years, now’s your chance.

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Brady kid character wasn’t invincible… maybe even more dominant than next year’s Madden rating. From the presser:

“I am very excited to be part of the Backyard Football team,” said Brady. “Working with kids is always great and representing Backyard Football is a fantastic way to introduce the fun of the game to the next generation of fans. I especially like seeing myself and other pro players as kids in the game — it’s really funny and brings back great memories of playing football as a child.”

Does his BF character have an optional walking boot you can equip him with to get the fans nervous? Could this be construed as disrespect to the Giants? No, probably not, but let’s give it a try. ;)