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DeMarcus Cousins

Winter has certainly come to the eastern part of the United States and for one individual in Lexington, Kentucky, that means it’s time to update the winter fashions. Just ask Kentucky freshman DeMarcus Cousins, who has been seen rocking ushankas as his headwear of choice. Ushankas are bomber-style winter hats made popular by our Russian neighbors. Of course, if you had to deal with the Artic winters that crush the Motherland under an avalanche of cold air, ice and snow, you’d be creative with your winter hats too.

As for Cousins, well, let’s just say Lexington has been pretty cold as well.

His game, on the other hand, has not. While John Wall has been getting most of the pub when it comes to Kentucky — rightfully so, I might add — Cousins has been living up to his “Diaper Dandy” billing as well by averaging 14.6 points, 8.3 rebounds, while shooting the ball at a 53 percent clip from the field. Granted, Cousins’ free throw shooting needs some improvement (that, too, hovers around the 50-percent mark), but while everyone has been busy loving on Wall, Cousins continues to display just how valuable he is to John Calipari’s reclamation project.

I, for one, give credit to Cousins’ choices in haberdashery.

I mean, how can you not? Especially when said headwear is as awesome as Russian ushankas?