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Usain Bolt Makes Me Shake My Head in Wonder

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Imagine what it would be like to run a best-in-the-world-for-2010 time in the 100-meter dash when you have a sore hamstring. It sounds fairly impossible, but then again, we are not Usain Bolt, and well, he is. Oh, and he just accomplished such a feat in Lausanne, Switzerland by posting a 2010-best 9.82 in the 100-meters.

Just in case you didn’t quite get the significance, I’ll repeat it: Usain Bolt just ran a sub-10 second 100-meter on a bad hamstring.

Think about that for a second. Bolt makes a feat that’s faster than all but four 100-meter world records look like a leisurely jog in the park.

While everyone in the free world is riding the nuts of LeBron James, perhaps we should take a moment to recognize the best athlete in the world — one that holds the world hostage with his jaw-dropping athletic performances, and not his decision-making exercises; although, I seem to remember a time when LeBron wowed us too, but that seems like 20 years ago.

Usain Bolt: Still Fast

It must be nice to show up in Korea and run a sub-9.9 100-meter dash without really trying — 9.86 to be exact. Sure, Bolt used some exertion, but it also looked like he was enjoying a brisk jog, especially once he broke away from the pack. If evidence comes out that Bolt is either an alien with a slightly different, but similar physique — one that allows him more leg-generated speed — or he’s from a future where the art of sprinting has been perfected and he simply came back in time to further dominate, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

Usain Bolt’s Ungodly Anchor Leg

Usain Bolt

It’s already been established that Usain Bolt is a freak, but what he did at the Penn Relays this past weekend may just graduate him from the “freak” moniker and move him to the “best athlete, maybe ever” category. Hyperbole? Maybe so, but then again, it’s not often I get to react to an 8.79 split time in a 4×100 relay, either. While some are wondering what the World’s Fastest Man was doing at the Penn Relays, his performance while he was there was otherworldly. Bolt was so good, he upstaged the fact there were Catholic school girls running around in track and field gear.

Now, before someone calls Chris Hansen on me, all I meant by that was, when Bolt shows up to race, everything else involved takes a back seat to the Jamaican speed demon.

After the jump, video of Bolt’s incredible anchor leg >>

Video of Usain Bolt’s 200-Meter

The video’s a little grainy. I’ll fix that when it a better one comes up, but until then, Bolt’s otherworldly performances continue to jaw-drop, astound and yes, amaze. Consider this: Bolt has twice broken the record for the 200-meter dash, a standard that, until Michael Johnson came along in 1996, stood for 17 years. So, from 1980 until 2008, the record was beaten all of once. Now, thanks to the human hurricane they call Usain, it’s been broken twice in less than a year.

19.19. That’s what Bolt ran to break his previous record of 19.30. Folks, that’s more impressive than the 9.58 he ran earlier this week.

The Unreal Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

9.58 seconds. Is that even real? Or did we simply dream one of the most impressive athletic accomplishments, maybe ever? What about Tyson Gay? He ran the third fastest 100-meter ever recorded and Bolt made it look like Gay was slow. Is that even fair? Is that even human? Where does this performance put Bolt on the greatest athletes of all time list? Is he at the top of the list for current athletes? Before that, watch the video of Bolt’s breathtaking performance in Berlin:

After the jump >>

Heading For A Bolt/Gay Showdown

Next month, the Athletics World Championship takes place in Berlin, and folks, it looks like we are finally getting the showdown we were promised in Beijing last summer — a healthy Tyson Gay against the current fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. Bolt did his part in fueling the anticipation by winning the 100 meter race in London this past weekend with a time of 9.91, while running into a noticeable headwind. As for Gay, he’s already posted a time of 9.77 — the fastest time in the 100-meter this year — while looking equally strong in the 200-meter as well.

While the potential showdown between these two will headline the upcoming World Championship, it should also be noted it’s the first time such a competition will be held in Berlin Stadium since Jesse Owens competed in 1936.

Usain Bolt Is Still Really, Really Fast

Yeah, and water’s wet, grass is green and the sky is blue. Even though these — and Usain Bolt’s speed — are natural facts of the planet we live on, sometimes, a reminder is in order. Right now, there’s little denying Usain Bolt is the fastest human on the planet. Granted, I’m sure there are some undiscovered people out there who can run like the wind, but until they do it on the stages Bolt does, the title is his.

Just in case we mere mortals needed a reminder of Bolt’s indescribable talent, the recently-wrecked runner smashed the world record in the 150 meter sprint. Oh, and according to reports, Bolt isn’t even in Olympic-level shape, and yet, he still beat the 26-year old record by sixth-tenths of a second. Considering his recent crash, his lack of Olympic shape makes sense.

The fact that he smashed the record like he did only furthers his growing legend.

Oh, and Bolt made sure to mug for the camera as he finished — meaning, had he finished like he did in the 4×100 in China, the new record would probably be even lower.

The Search For G is Scary (Usain Bolt)

That commercial was all over the NBA’s All Star Weekend fun and despite everything going on in the video — KG, The JabbaWockeez, Monty Python homages — the main thing that stands out to me is Usain Bolt’s head, dancing on a pair of feet. And nothing more. No body, no neck. Nothing. Just Bolt’s head and his megawatt smile. Dancing. Connected to feet. It’s both hypnotic and scary at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, Usain deserves all the endorsement money he can finagle because it’s not like Track and Field has NBA-like funds pouring in.

But really, is scaring the hell out of any children watching the dunk contest the best way to promote a new — and unnecessary — branding venture? “What’s ‘G’?” It’s Usain Bolt’s bigger-than-life head dancing across your screen on a golden pair of shoes, evidently.