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Posts Tagged ‘Urban Meyer’

Tim Tebow’s First Touchdown

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I bet Urban Meyer cried after he saw this, especially after only scoring SEVEN TOTAL POINTS against Mississippi State this past Saturday. Clearly, Florida needs to play Kentucky every week until their offense is back to normal.

Unfortunately for Denver, Tebow’s divine touchdown wasn’t enough to carry the Broncos to victory against the New York Jets, a team that looks like the class of the NFL at the moment.

Nick Saban Blocks NFL Scouts

Nick Saban

After going off on what he perceives as modern-day pimps at the SEC Media Day, Nick Saban is taking some steps to protect his players from exposure to that side of the football world. The Alabama Crimson Tide coach has blocked NFL scouts from attending Alabama’s practices in a move many see as payback the NFL’s apparent lack of action against what Saban perceives as unscrupulous player agents.

Saban isn’t the only SEC coach to block NFL scouts either. Urban Meyer is following Alabama’s lead, although, there’s some ambiguity involved.

While these reactions are understandable, if not a little misguided — “amateur” players who cross the agent line know their actions can cause a lot of trouble for their teams — it’s reminiscent of Col. Strelnikov’s quote in Red Dawn:

If a fox stole your chickens… Would you slaughter your pig because he saw the fox? No. You would hunt the fox.”

Apparently, identifying agents and their runners is a little harder than recognizing, and denying entrance to, official NFL scouts.

Urban Meyer Nixes Notre Dame

Urban and Tim

For all of those Notre Dame Irish fans hoping Urban Meyer would swoop down and rescue them from the blight known as Charlie Weis, perhaps you should temper your expectations. Unless Meyer is taking a stab at Nick Saban’s way of choosing a new job, the Florida coach essentially told the Irish “no” today by saying he’ll be at Florida as “long as they will have me.” The Irish boosters should’ve moved a lot faster when Meyer was at Utah, because it doesn’t look like they’ll have the chance now that’s firmly entrenched in Gainesville. Speculation about Meyer leaving for the Notre Dame job came back around last season when, while waiting for the BCS Championship game against Oklahoma, he was asked about coaching in South Bend.

Although he later corrected himself, Meyer indicated in a December 2008 interview Notre Dame was his “dream job.”

Memo to Irish fans hoping Meyer would be their savior: Keep dreaming. Now, this doesn’t mean the Irish — who haven’t officially fired anybody yet — won’t court the current king of college football with a multi-million dollar offer somewhere in the $5 million per year neighborhood, because they probably will. It just means the chances of Meyer taking such an offer, if you believe what he says, are slim, which isn’t too surprising.

On the surface, Florida just looks like the easier job. Because the state is so talent-rich in prep football talent, recruiting in Florida is much, much easier than it is at Notre Dame. Of course, if Meyer wins another BCS title — his third since his tenure began in 2005 — he’ll be able to name his price and the Florida athletic department will gladly pay it.

In light of Meyer’s statement, will the Irish even try to court him (I say yes), or will they instead turn to Cincinnati head coach, Brian Kelly?

Lane Kiffin’s Kind Eyes Won’t Save Him

I’m digging the idea of Lane Kiffin using a coach’s puppy dog eyes look to convince people to change banking preferences. I’m guessing these are the same eyes that helped him land someone of Layla’s stature. Unfortunately, I don’t think that kind of sad, “trust me” look is going to help much against the Florida Gators tomorrow afternoon. While Florida coach Urban Meyer says the offseason kerfuffle with Kiffin and Tennessee is in the past, one wonders if Tim Tebow and Brandon Spike, et al, feel the same way.

The line makers, who have installed Tennessee as a 29.5-point underdog, don’t think much of the Volunteers’ chances.

Granted, the SEC’s version of UT has the defensive talent — led by Eric Berry — to make the Florida/Tennessee game a respectable one. Tennessee’s offense, on the other hand, does not. If Jonathan Crompton repeats the performance he had against UCLA, being put up for sale might be the least of his worries. He might have to deal with being relegated to the bench.

Too Much Drama (College Football Recruiting)

This here’s James Louis, one of the better prep wide receivers in the nation — #31 out of the Rivals top 100 receivers. Schools want him. Men want to be him. James, like most awesome prep football players, is from the state of Florida, meaning he’ll probably wind up at one of the Florida schools to play college ball, right? Not so fast, my friends. Although he is desirable recruit, Louis does not have time for any of the drama that comes along with the recruiting process.

Just ask the Florida Gators.

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Percy Harvin, Too

After surprising Urban Meyer with what might have been his first time getting slapped on the ass–by a player anyway–Percy Harvin, the best player on the field during the BCS National Championship game, is taking his pads to the big boys league, the NFL. Meanwhile, linebacker Brandon Spikes and of course, Tim Tebow, are coming back to Gainesville for another season.

By most 2009 Mock Draft projections, Harvin will probably be a mid-to-late-first round pick. Are we looking at another player in the mold of Darren Sproles or will Harvin DeSean Jackson-type: a return specialist who possesses receiving skills? Hell, maybe Philadelphia could draft him and pair him the two as wide receivers.

While that may very well be the shortest tandem in the league, there wouldn’t be many secondaries keeping up with them either.

Gators Chomp (BCS Championship)

Brandon Spikes

The Florida Gators are your National Champions–even in the AP … Sorry Utah–thanks to the efforts of Tim Tebow, Florida’s defense, Percy Harvin’s ankle and Oklahoma’s inability to coach their team up like they did during the regular season.

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End of the Road (BCS Championship)

Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops

There’s a football game of some note on tonight, but the delay’s been so long now, I’ve almost forget which two teams are involved and what it is they are playing for? Oh, that’s right. Tebow versus Bradford. Stoops versus Meyer. Percy Harvin versus his ankle. Florida’s D versus Oklahoma’s offense (and vice versa). So on and so on.

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