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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be filled with love and happiness, but for two women’s basketball teams, it prompted a good old-fashioned hair pulling, kicking, screaming, girl fight.

Actually, it was just a coincidence that the fight occurred on Valentine’s Day. Nine players total were suspended from Maryland-Eastern Shore and Bethune-Cookman schools. What happened was this: Bethune-Cookman (B-CU) left by 11 points with 16:22 left. B-CU’s Cleniece Roberts reportedly “committed a clean foul on Maryland’s LaKendra Wilkerson. Then the players got tangled.”

Once that happened all bets were off. The benches cleared, and frustrations were let loose with slapping, hitting, kicking and whatever else. Some blood was even shed before security, police, and even the athletic staff tried to pull everyone apart and stop the madness. Despite this, no major injuries occurred.

Both schools issued statements talking “how unfortunate” the whole thing was, and the conference is now working to try and reschedule this game. (Which really should be a sellout after all this).

A multitude of suspensions have come down, so all the girls’ wrists have been sufficiently slapped. I think this just goes to show that girls are just as passionate about sports and winning as the guys are. And good for them! (Well, not the fighting but the passion. Keep the play clean, ladies!)