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Posts Tagged ‘Twitter’

Maryland Fans Still Love Duke, Jay Williams

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Jay Williams Tweet

While ESPN goes out of their way to convince us Duke/Carolina is the end-all, be-all of college basketball rivalries, the recently buzzer-beater-granted Maryland Terrapins and Duke have had some barn-burners as well; and hey, any rivalry that produces a quality sign like this has to be awesome. That’s why the lead tweet from former Blue Devil Jay Williams really comes as no surprise.

In case you missed it, Williams’ NBA career was cut short by a nasty motorcycle wreck, and because of that, one could imagine he wouldn’t take kindly to such comments. Fortunately, the barbs didn’t seem to bother Williams, at least while his employer — ESPN — was watching.

So while college football fans get most of the attention, thanks in large part to ESPN’s College GameDay/Everybody-Bring-Your-Sign show, college basketball fans aren’t shy about sharing their feelings towards opponents, either.

H/t to Jamie Mottram for pointing this out.

Who Won The Twitter Bowl?

Twitter Bowl

Now that Twitter has pretty much taken over the known world — at least as a barometer of what is and isn’t popular — it’s a good way to measure which team(s) have the largest, most outspoken fans. With that in mind, if you haven’t checked out the Twitter Bowl 2010, perhaps you should. The aspiring minds over at Outspoken Media. specifically, Rae Hoffman and Amanda Orson, have used Twitter to determine which NFL teams have the most vocal and passionate fans.

And the results may surprise you.

While the research may be thing that draws you in, the way it is delivered will make you stay. Rae and Amanda donned their play-by-play caps, and presented their findings like Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels do on Sunday nights.

An example:

Browns vs. Steelers
I have to tell you Rae, this contest was pretty close to a no-show and should have been a landslide. The Steelers came into this game with over 4000 followers waiting to read; nothing. Not a single tweet from the Steelers until this week. Final score: Browns 12, Steelers 11. Browns take the game.

And so on, through four rounds of discovery, leading up to the final match-up, the Twitter Bowl itself.

Not surprisingly, the final “game” pitted the New York Giants and the New York Jets; meaning, these are the two most popular NFL teams on Twitter.

I say “not surprisingly” because of the population of New York City, coupled with the way New Yorkers follow their teams, lends itself to a higher volume of Twitter followers, even if they are split up between two teams. Also, with New Yorkers and their propensity to be outspoken, it’s clear Twitter gives them the perfect platform to sound off about their team, because, among other reasons, it eliminates waiting on Mike Francesca to put in you in his on-air caller queue.

As for their Twitter Bowl findings, here’s one you might find interesting:

Which teams reply most to their users?

Engaging with your followers is what Twitter is all about. To quote Amanda, “otherwise, you’re just broadcasting.” So which teams most “get” the point of Twitter and actually converse with their fans?

* New York Jets – 56.78% of tweets are replies
* Arizona Cardinals – 31.50% of tweets are replies
* Jacksonville Jaguars – 21.91% of tweets are replies
* Seattle Seahawks – 18.55% of tweets are replies
* Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 13.67% of tweets are replies

Other metrics they looked at include:

Who has been using Twitter the longest?
San Diego Chargers – tweeting since 01/27/07

Which team tweets the most?
Miami Dolphins – 18799 updates

Who actually follows their fans?
San Diego Chargers – 31136 people followed

Which teams have the largest followings?
New England Patriots – 49182 fans

So yeah, come for the great information, and stay for Rae and Amanda’s awesome delivery of their findings.

It Has Just Been Broughten

LeCharles Bentley Tweet

Normally, a war of words is a fun thing, especially when people respond with what would be considered low blows. Such is the case with ex-Cleveland Browns receiver Braylon Edwards, now with the New York Jets, and retired Browns lineman, LeCharles Bentley. Edwards offered some disparaging words about his former city in what honestly came across as a “piling on” session, and amazingly enough, Edwards’ words weren’t well received by Bentley.

In fact, Bentley was so upset at Edwards’ trash-talk, he evoked an infamous rumor to give his comeback a little extra “umph.” Mission accomplished.

This waiting-for-football-season-so-it’s-interesting tête–à–tête gives the upcoming New York Jets and their November 14th visit to Cleveland Browns Stadium and extra bit of spice, and if these two keep at it, Roger Goodell might want to consider moving the game to the Sunday Night prime-time slot.

H/t to The Big Lead for the find.

Jay Glazer’s Twitter Gets Us Ready for Football

Jay Glazer Tweet

You know it’s football season when you turn on sports radio stations and one of the first names you hear is Jay Glazer and his Twitter account, and if Glazer is tweeting about Brett Favre, the circle of life is complete. We’ve come all the way back to the beginning, and when you read Glazer’s tweet about Favre possibly not returning to the Minnesota Vikings this season, the feeling is one of “oh, so right.”

Sure, the Favre-a-coaster gets a little tiring, and because of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” syndrome, it’s hard to accept the Favre speculation one way or another. Perhaps the only way to protect yourself from speculation woes is to take an “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach, and nothing more.

Don’t read into the fact that Favre had perhaps his best season as a pro with the Vikings last year. Don’t read into the fact that Favre has taken us on this trip before.

If, when the season starts on September 9th, you don’t see Favre on the opposite side of the field from the defending Super Bowl champions, then you’ll know for sure whether or not he’s coming back for the 2010 season.

90,000 And Counting

James Tweet

What does it say about the world when the most interesting sports story of the day has to do with a microblogging service and the followers various accounts have? Slow news day, perhaps? Or just a sign of the times? Considering how LeBron James dominates society in general, it’s a clear sign we have too much time on our hands; or that we’re a nation of star-f***ers.

Either, or.

With that in mind, the King James Twitter account has been the talk of the cyber-town today, and now, the King has made his first Tweet. Be still my beating heart. Apparently, that little gem was good enough to get the most prized free agent in any sport ever about 10,000 additional followers, if not more.

LeBron Joins Twitter, Followers Flock

LeBron Fans
Image courtesy

The King of NBA Basketball has joined the rank and file of the Twitter universe, and while there isn’t anything at all on the kingjames account, it’s picking up followers at an exponential rate. As a quick, little test, I took two screenshots of LeBron’s Twitter account, separated by one minute. In the time it took me to hit “Print Screen,” twice, James’ followers jumped from 35,777 to 36,440.

That’s almost a thousand more followers in less than a minute. I don’t think even Britney Spears picked up followers that quickly back when she was a relevant figure of society. Here are those screenshots.

Click for bigger images. After the jump >>

Landon Donovan Broke The Internet

Landon Donovan

Not only did Landon Donovan put himself in a position to be the leader of the free world, his extra-time World Cup-saving goal also caused such Internet traffic spikes, he single-handedly knocked Yahoo Sports off the air, Internet-wise, anyway.

Reaction to his goal also “fail-whale’d” Twitter, but that’s par for the course with that thing. The reason for these malfunctions? Traffic.

Lots and lots of traffic.

In the minutes following Landon Donovan’s game winning goal in the 91st minute of action (which sent the US to the round of 16), traffic spiked to 11.2 million visitors per minute, which moves the event past the 2008 presidential election as the 2nd highest traffic spike of all-time… The plethora of World Cup breaking news briefly knocked Yahoo Sports offline…

Who says Americans don’t like soccer/football/futbol? Just ask Jack, Evan and Biz about how Twitter handled all the excitement.

More Than Likely, Yes

Calipari Tweet

John Calipari took to his Twitter accountagain — to debunk/pacify Kentucky fans concerning the rumor/story being reported by ESPN, et al. Specifically, noted basketball insider, William Wesley, aka, Worldwide Wes, has been contacting NBA teams potentially interested in signing LeBron James to see if they would be interested in a LeBron/John Calipari package.

Wesley is a noted friend of both Calipari and James.

The lead screenshot is Calipari’s response to these rumors, evidently assuming last week’s comments should be enough to ignore the rumors. That being said, I’m not sure how well these words of encouragement are working.

Judging by this particular barometer, they aren’t.