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Posts Tagged ‘Troy Polamalu’

Football, Hair, and Girly Men – One Chick’s Perspective

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I’m all for endorsement deals and making the bucks while you can in the NFL, but as a girl who enjoys football, I think this whole hair craziness has gotten a bit out of hand. The Clay Matthews/Troy Polamalu matchup would be so great… if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to hear about their hair as often as I do their defensive stats.

As a chick, it’s just plain wrong for a guy to have better hair than you. Am I slightly envious that Clay Matthews just got a deal with Suave?

Yes. In fact, more than slightly, because my hair is much better than his. It has body and bounce. His is stringy and straight and were it not for the fact that he whips it around like a lasso seventeen times per game, he wouldn’t have a hair deal. Besides that, unlike Maria Menounos, I have no desire to touch it. I think Matthews is just too darn proud of his hair. He whips it around

and around

See more hair flipping after the jump >>

Domata Peko + Troy Polamalu = Hair Explosion

It’s like watching Poison and Kip Winger having a fight. In other news, Domata is about the only bright spot about last night’s game, especially from the perspective of a Bengals fan. Yes, Terrell Owens did some nice things, but when Jordan Shipley dropped that 4th down pass, TO’s touchdowns really didn’t matter. With the Peko’s hit, at least I can enjoy watching Polamalu get knocked on his ass over and over again.

Hey, as someone who’s been known to root for the Bengals — having a hard time saying the word “fan” — you take what you can get.

Oh, TO ran over a security guard, so there’s that, too:

After the jump >>

Punxsutawney Polamalu Is Awesomely Creepy

Nothing goes with Super Bowl football quite like mega-expensive commercials that feature a level of “cutting loose” from these ad departments we don’t normally get to enjoy. Take, for instance, this offering from Tru Tv featuring Troy Polamalu — who, incidentally, has appeared in more commercials than football games this year. Polamalu and his hair star as a whacked-out version of Punxsutawney Phil (have fun spelling that without copy and paste). The results are a lot more humorous than the description would lead you to believe.

I think what sold it for me was Punxsutawney Polamalu’s quasi-Heisman pose when the six more weeks of football decree is given. It’s the little things, folks.

H/t to The Big Lead for the find. Head on over if you want to see a few more Super Bowl commercial offerings.

Favre Has The Best Selling Jersey

Brett Favre Jerseys

Reebok has released information concerning the best-selling jerseys in the NFL, along with a map showing the proliferation of said jerseys. Not surprisingly, the highest-selling jersey belongs to Brett Favre, however, what I found surprising are the different states expressing their love for Minnesota’s carpetbagger. The fact that Favre has the northern states locked down is not unexpected; although, seeing him having the most popular jersey in a state like Florida is.

In fact, Favre has the most popular jersey in states like Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana (over folks like Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne), Oklahoma, Colorado (over the Broncos), Utah and Nevada.

More on NFL jersey sales after the jump >>

Troy Polamalu’s Hair is Pure Sex

This here is Troy Polamalu’s latest Head and Shoulders commercial and thankfully for the rest of us, it focuses on his adjective-defying hair. The description “God-like” comes to mind and apparently, when you see it, you can’t help but be won over by it, whether you verbally acknowledge it or not. You can’t stop yourself and your eyes know this. They will fall in love/envy with or without your approval. That is the power of Troy Polamalu’s hair.

Girls want to touch it; play with it, if you will, and guys want theirs to grow like it. Is there a higher form of flattery?

In other news, at least this latest Pittsburgh Steelers-related commercial isn’t a lie, unlike the Roethlisberger/Nike offering. You know damn well Ben would’ve been sacked at least 10 times if that commercial was telling the truth.

Madden 10 Cover Revealed

Madden 10

Apparently, the folks at EA Sports don’t want either the Pittsburgh Steelers nor the Arizona Cardinals to revisit the Super Bowl next February. Why else would Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu be on the cover of Madden 10? The most popular — and perhaps most redundant (What, roster and gameplay patch updates as downloadable content is out of the question?) — sports console game maybe ever has uncovered their latest installment. This time, however, there are two players on the cover; which could be an effort to spread the dreaded Madden curse around — or to nullify it.

Either way, I don’t doubt some Steelers fans, as well as Cardinals fans, just had a slight sinking feeling. And after looking at the Snopes page for the Madden curse, documenting each and every one, it’s easy to see why. Perhaps the dual-player cover will have a different effect, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The game itself comes out on August 14, which will undoubtedly be a huge “I’m staying home and playing Madden all day” day.

Super Bowl Commercials Worth A Damn

From my perspective, the Super Bowl commercials were a little tame last night, 3-D ads included. There were a few, however, that did stand out to me, like the Career Builder offering in the lead video. I’m guessing the economy woes contributed to the sedated presentations, but like I said, a few rose up to the challenge. Another favorite of mine was the Budweiser/Office Meeting commercial. For what it’s worth, I agree with the decision of those in the meeting with Mr. Suggestion:

After the jump >>

Troy Polamalu: NFL Becoming A “Pansy Game”

Troy Polamalu

Is the NFL neutering the level of play with their strong-arm tactics concerning questionable hits? At least one defensive stud thinks so — Troy Polamalu. The Steelers strong safety believes the NFL is so fine-happy, they are turning their product into a “pansy game,” something I immediately think of when I watch the players bang on each other for three hours straight. However, perhaps Polamalu has a point.

Polamalu’s thoughts on the NFL game after the jump >>