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Posts Tagged ‘Trades’

Donovan McNabb in Burgundy

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Donovan McNabb

So this thing’s really happening, isn’t it? And now we know what McNabb will look like when he takes the field for Washington this fall.

H/t to Mr Irrelevant for the find.

Memo to Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards

Update your website, sir. It still has you in Cleveland Browns colors, and since LeBron had you excommunicated out of town, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be eager to rid yourself of any Browns affiliations. Surely a member of your crew is web-savvy enough to make a few palette changes, no? If not, I have no doubt there are thousands upon thousands of starving graphic artists in the Big Apple that are quite capable.

Braylon Edwards Goes to the Big Apple

Braylon Edwards is now a New York Jet, which means, the lesson here is if you want to get traded out of Cleveland, punch someone in LeBron James’ entourage. While Edwards does bring the potential of his 2007 season (1289 yards, 16 touchdowns) to the harem of Mark Sanchez, he also brings the side that will go the entire game without a catch against the Cincinnati Bengals.

A word of advice for the newest Jet — Braylon, you might want to update your website. It still has you in a Cleveland Browns uniform.

As for the trade itself, Derek Anderson is happy Edwards is no longer his teammate. Considering Edwards’ performance against the Bengals, also Anderson’s first start of the year for Cleveland, can you blame him?

Fantasy Baseball: Buying Low After Three Weeks

Alexi Ramirez

Baseball season is in full pitch as spring gives way to summer. How’s your fantasy team doing? Thanks to Eric Amzallag of, you now have a guide that’ll help you adjust your team accordingly, especially if one of your competitors doesn’t have the stomach to stick it out with their initial roster. Here are some good deals you may or may not be able to find in a league near you.

It’s been a short three weeks since we got the bats and balls cranked up, and already there are some fantasy baseball owners are questioning their baseball picks because they are either dumb enough or impatient enough to part with big time producers. No matter what league you play in, someone is going to hit the waiver wire that shouldn’t be there, and some owner is going to take 50 cents on the dollar for a player that should have never been traded. So who are these guys that you can almost steal from your fellow owners this week?

Alexei Ramirez, SS White Sox
Ramirez is a characteristically slow starter, having pulled the same stunt last season. The former Cuban star plays better when it gets warmer, and Chicago in April certainly isn’t Havana. He started off the season in a tremendous slump, but the second year player is a strong candidate to snap out of it sooner rather than later. Given his shortstop and 2nd base eligibility in most leagues, he’s a huge value. He’s showing signs of more plate discipline this season, too.

Ricky Nolasco, SP Marlins
Amazingly, Nolasco is being outright dropped in many leagues. After three not-so-strong performances, “The Bull” is among the most disappointing of fantasy starters. That said, there is a lot of upside here, and he’s bound to be much better. Nolasco started out slowly last season, but turned it on in June. Including his June 15 start, Nolasco pitched the last 140 innings of his season with a 2.95 ERA and 143 strikeouts against only 16. These incredible numbers show his potential, so pick him up off of an impatient owner right now if you can.

Brandon Webb, SP Diamondbacks
Remember this guy? He’s the best pitcher in the National League over the last four years, but he got shelled on opening day and then promptly landed on the DL. That stint was mostly precautionary, and Webb is a guy who has never had serious health issues. Some owners might consider him risky right now, but chances are that he’ll give you 200 innings, a 3.00 ERA, 195 strikeouts, and 15 more wins this year. If someone wants to sell Webb for cheap, then you should be the guy to take him off of that owner’s hands.

If you happen to be holding one of these guys, stand down with that trigger finger on the trade button. It’s a long season, and there’s no reason to mortgage your team’s future based upon a couple of rough weeks from guys who have a track record of sustained success.

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Shawn Marion: Thanks for the Dunk, Now Please Leave

I actually doubt anything that rude happened, but the point remains: After dunking the Miami Heat to victory over the Bulls last night, Shawn Marion (and Marcus Banks) have been traded to the Toronto Raptors for Jermaine O’Neal and Jamario Moon in what seems like a sideways move. Yes, O’Neal can still play the game, but he’s not the post presence a team builder like Pat Riley wants. It almost seems like Marion and Banks weren’t enough to entice Toronto to come off Chris Bosh, so the Heat settled for O’Neal, who again, is not as effective as he was in previous seasons.

The addition of Moon gives Miami some added depth, but the move still feels sideways only. This is not the kind of deal that puts either team over the top or moves them into the “contender” category.

The trade still needs to receive league approval before it’s official.

More On The Shaq Trade

Dan Le Batard

From Dan Le Batard’s perspective, Shaq’s potential trade to Phoenix (still waiting on the physical) makes sense for all parties. In fact, the Miami Sound Machine feels the move could rejuvenate Shaq’s offensive attack:

O’Neal either wasn’t quick or healthy enough to get away from the double-teams here anymore. That won’t be a problem the way Phoenix plays. O’Neal has gone from trying to play in an airplane bathroom here to playing in the open space of the airplane hangar — if he’s healthy enough to keep up with a team that plays as if on jet fuel.

The question is, how much faith does Phoenix have in Shaq’s legs? The pairing of Amare Stoudemire and O’Neal will, almost by default, free up the paint some for both to maneuver. And when you have a player like Steve Nash delivering the ball, well, even you and I would be pretty good.

So again, it comes down to this: is Shaq healthy enough to contribute in this manner? The physical will tell a great deal.