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Posts Tagged ‘Touchdown’

DeSean Jackson Absolutely Smoked LaRon Landry

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DeSean Jackson

Memo to LaRon Landry: If you’re going to do a little pregame trash talking that leads to a friendly get-together between teams, you might not want to get your ass absolutely busted on the your very first defensive shift of the game. This little fact of life is only magnified when the player who abused you is the same one you started in on during the pregame fun.

This, of course, was only the beginning of the Michael Vick-powered touchdown avalanche that left the Washington Redskins broken and bruised, all while players from other teams took shots at Donovan McNabb’s new contract.

While the Redskins would go on to give up an additional 52 points, but that’s no way to set a tone, right LaRon? Especially when you talked miles and miles of cash-money trash before the game. I guess you could call Jackson’s touchdown a little bit of karma that knocked Landry on his ass.

LeGarrette Blount = Human Helicopter

I’ll say this about LeGarrette Blount, since he’s appeared on my horizon on that fateful night in Boise, Idaho, there’s never a dull moment. Whether he’s knocking opposing players on their asses or salvaging a professional career that looked very much in doubt at one point, the odyssey of LeGarrette Blount is not a boring one. Now there’s another entry into the captivating life of Blount: he’s also a human helicopter.

Don’t believe me? Ask Charles Godfrey of the Carolina Panthers:

I’m afraid to speculate what’s next for Blount, because I’m sure it would fall short. In other news, just how good are the Tampa Buccaneers?

Roddy White is A Subtle Beast

The word “beast” in relation to sports, especially football, is quite the compliment. It usually means “powerful” or “can’t be stopped,” and in relation to Roddy White, the word “beast,” qualified with the world “subtle” is a perfect description. White is a beast because anyone that puts up these numbers against a defense like Baltimore’s is a true beast: 12 catches (none bigger than his last one), 138 yards and two touchdowns.

There isn’t a wide receiver in the NFL who wouldn’t want those numbers, nor a coach or quarterback who wouldn’t want that kind of production.

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Calvin Johnson Drags DeAngelo Hall To the End Zone

Calvin Johnson

While Donovan McNabb’s benching was the main story after the Detroit/Washington game — For Sex Cannon Rex? Really? — Calvin Johnson was the story during the game. Granted, Johnson had some help from Ndamukong Suh, among others, but his nine catch, three touchdown, 101 yard day was so dominant, it’s hard not to think of Johnson’s name when discussing the best receivers in the NFL, and watching him drag DeAngelo Hall into the end zone was an awesome display of athleticism.

Plus, it was a perfect way to pay Hall back for that first quarter interception on a pass intended for Johnson. It’s safe to say Johnson got the last laugh:

Johnson’s other touchdowns are in the video as well, but the strength he displayed on his first was, simply put, beast-like.

When discussing Johnson with friends, I often make a comparison to Shawn Kemp playing wide receiver. His athleticism was apparent in college. However, I’m not sure if that’s enough praise. It may be time to add “the best receiver in the NFL” title as well.

I Could Watch This Over and Over Again

From the self-serving files comes this latest post, and what we have is Randall Cobb’s game-winning touchdown against the South Carolina Gamecocks. While Kentucky beating a top-10 team is probably newsworthy, as is Randall Cobb, Kentucky’s win probably doesn’t resonate on a national level like it does on a personal one for this writer.

Be that as it may, when your team finally beats a coach after losing 17-straight to them, something needs to be acknowledged, and in this case, it’s Randall Cobb and his oft-maligned quarterback, Michael Hartline. Take that, Spurrier!!! Don’t think we forget you abusing Kentucky in the Swamp all those years.

Oh, nice clock management, too.

For what it’s worth, Hartline enjoyed the moment as much as I did, if not more. A lot more, in fact.

Michael Hartline
Gif courtesy of KSR

15 Yards For This?

While Keion Bell is probably proud of Miles Austin’s leaping ability, I’d say he, too, is confused by a league that penalizes their players 15 yards for celebrating in such a manner. I’m sorry, did Austin and Williams start a circle with Williams shooting everybody down? Did they pass the ball back and forth, acting like it was hot potato, before spiking it? Or did they use any props hidden in socks or the padding around the uprights?

Since the answer to those questions is a resounding no, is penalizing Austin in such a situation a good and wise decision by the NFL? Instead of cracking down on harmless stuff like this, how about dealing with players who launch while leading with their helmets?

How about ejections and suspensions instead of fines? Or, how about focusing that all-seeing eye on things that take away from NFL enjoyment instead of trying to kill the spirit of these teams? It’s not like Austin taunted the other team (or Williams for that matter). Are players acting exuberant after a big play really that harmful the overall product?

Les Miles’ Balls Are Bigger Than Yours

Les Miles Balls

Time to recycle this LSUFreek gem — he has another one for this very game — because after the end of the Florida/LSU game, is there anything more apt to describe how Les Miles’ brain works? The fake field goal flip/fumble-rooski/insanity that spawned from Miles’ brain was one of the best endings to a college football game I’ve ever seen.

Sure, the Boise State/Oklahoma ending was probably more significant, but it wasn’t anywhere near as chaotic as what Les Miles’ concocted. I mean, who, in their right mind, conjures up something like this:

To say “that’s not how you draw it up” is a complete and utter understatement for what we just saw. Something like: “You are a crazy motherf***er, Les, but My God, it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t ever change, you magnificent bastard.” is more apt. The fact that it took the review booth over four minutes to reach a decision on the flip-fumble-lateral thing shows just how magnificent it was.

The average-Joe human mind couldn’t comprehend what it had just witnessed, so taking four-plus minutes allowing it to digest and articulate what it saw is understandable.

This, folks, is what you get when Les Miles’ brain starts churning. Not only was the fake field goal a call worthy of the all time “Balls of Fame” designation, the pass play to Terrence Toliver that directly followed it was just as important; almost as much as Toliver’s great end zone catch that gave LSU the lead.

In case you missed, geauxTlGERS has posted the last part of the game, from the fake field goal to Toliver’s game-winner. If you missed it, it’s worth the watch; all nine-plus minutes:

That, folks, is how one coaches football with balls on the brain — and it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Devin Hester Electrifies Solider Field

While it was an unusual amount of penalties that ultimately did the Green Bay Packers in, Devin Hester provided the electricity for Soldier Field with a slick 62-yard punt return touchdown in the beginning of the fourth quarter. It was Hester’s first punt return touchdown in three years, but it clearly came at an opportune time.

Apparently, the “don’t punt it to Hester rule” has gone out the window. After last night’s return, along with another he almost broke, perhaps the edict needs to return.