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Posts Tagged ‘Toronto Raptors’

DeMar DeRozan Ushers In New Era of Intentional Foul

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or follow us on Facebook. Thanks for visiting! is back up and posting, and to celebrate our first day of the new launch, here’s DeMar DeRozan dunking all over Tyrus Thomas in what was the most impressive play of last night’s sports action. Granted, as a UK fan, seeing Tennessee and Louisville both lose at home to unranked teams was pretty grand as well, but neither game had anything as ferocious as DeRozan’s “Let’s make a poster with Tyrus Thomas” dunk.

Hell, even Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan had to acknowledge DeRozan’s one-play victory.

Continue reading about the new IF after the jump >>

Sonny Weems Crushes Golden State

Unfortunately for Weems and the rest of the Toronto Raptors, said crushing only lasted for one play. Golden State held on to win the game, improving to a mildly-surprising 5-2. Meanwhile, the Raptors’ struggles continue with the loss moving them to 1-6, which is tied with four other teams for worst record in the NBA.

At least they can take solace in Weems and his nasty behind-the-back dribble he used to free him up for his nasty flush.

Revisiting Paul Pierce Dunking on Chris Bosh

Um, I have to feel badly for Chris Bosh. Not only did the Boston Celtics beat his Toronto Raptors down, but Bosh got dunked on and got a knee to the groin area as a reward for trying to block Paul Pierce’s attempt. Did Pierce purposely try to “rack” Bosh or was it a case of simply trying to give himself some space to finish the dunk, something along the same lines as extending an off-hand to keep the defender away?

There is/was a good discussion over at over this very subject, and while no consensus has been reached, I think this stands out as my favorite comment, courtesy of Mr Excitement [sic'd]:

if bosh was the one who went on to knee paul pierce, celtics would have pulled the wheelchair.

Whatever the case, I do find Pierce’s post-dunk “thug mug” humorous.

DeMar DeRozan Goes Air Canada on Joe Alexander

Heard about this from Skeets, via the NBA Summer League’s Twitter, and what we have is Air Canada 2.0 — rookie Toronto Raptor DeMar DeRozan — dunking over Milwaukee’s Joe Alexander. The video, at least on my end, is a little choppy but the result is still the same. DeRozan has had an effective Summer League experience, averaging 17 points and almost 5 rebounds a game. Not only that, but, with a little help of Draft Day boasting, is making his new team forget all about the old Air Canada, Vince Carter.

While DeRozan doesn’t quite have the electrifying hops Carter’s blessed with, it’s close. The good thing is, unlike Carter, DeRozan seems more willing to use his. We’ll see if that mentality remains after he gets knocked on his behind a few times; however, so far, so good. Here are a few more highlights of DeRozan’s productive afternoon against the Bucks’ summer team.

Just remember, let’s keep a level head about these Summer League outbursts and not let expectations grow in an “out of control” level.

Can Your Pops Dunk Like This?

Normally, these types of highlight reel posts are saved for the LeBrons and Howards of the world, but sometimes you run across something that’s just so cool, you can’t help but sharing. Yes, the dunk in the lead video is a nice one with plenty of authority, but for me, the reason it’s so good has to do with the name of the player doing the dunking, in this case, I’m referring to Nana Papa Yaw Dwene “Pops” Mensah-Bonsu, aka, Pops Mensah-Bonsu. Apparently, Pops received his name from the same group of folks who named Dikembe Mutombo, or Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo for short.

Besides being a nifty dunker, Pops was born in London, England, which, perhaps makes him the best British basketball player — perhaps ever. There’s little doubt Pops is the best dunker from the British Isles, something a quick YouTube check helps confirm. Pops is also a big hit on Wikipedia, which is also confirmed by this screen-cap of nifty little edit that says all you need to know about the Toronto Raptor they call “Pops”.

Pops Rocks
Click for bigger image

The dunk in the lead video is from the Toronto/Chicago Bulls overtime “epic” from Sunday. For his efforts, Pops finished with 13 points and 4 rebounds — oh, and one nasty, nasty dunk down the lane.

Shawn Marion: Thanks for the Dunk, Now Please Leave

I actually doubt anything that rude happened, but the point remains: After dunking the Miami Heat to victory over the Bulls last night, Shawn Marion (and Marcus Banks) have been traded to the Toronto Raptors for Jermaine O’Neal and Jamario Moon in what seems like a sideways move. Yes, O’Neal can still play the game, but he’s not the post presence a team builder like Pat Riley wants. It almost seems like Marion and Banks weren’t enough to entice Toronto to come off Chris Bosh, so the Heat settled for O’Neal, who again, is not as effective as he was in previous seasons.

The addition of Moon gives Miami some added depth, but the move still feels sideways only. This is not the kind of deal that puts either team over the top or moves them into the “contender” category.

The trade still needs to receive league approval before it’s official.

LeBron Had A Dunktacular Evening

LeBron Posing
The look on his face says “this is easy”

LeBron James had quite the evening last night against the Toronto Raptors. He’s now the franchise leader in steals for the Cavaliers — Big Z became the franchise leader in rebounds too — and had a huge game that helped bury the Raptors last night, 114-94.

LeBron led the Cavs with 31 points, but it was the dunking display he put on that will be remembered. James had at least four dunks that were highlight-worthy, including a two-hander from just inside the free throw line.

The Hoop Doctors preserved LeBron’s flight for all to see:

LeBron dunks after the jump >>

Kevin Garnett is Pretty Silly, Effective


But hey, as long as it helps your team continue a game-winning comeback, whatever works. As pointed out by Ethan, Kevin Garnett, while being an all-world defender last night, decided he’d share some of his emotion with Raptors guard, Jose Calderon; and so, Garnett began guarding Calderon while he was bringing the ball up the court. During the defensive assignment, KG essentially hounded Calderon with good man-to-man defense, verbal abuse and a finger wave or two.

While the Raptors fans were pretty pissed by Garnett’s behavior, the consensus is, it’s this type of intensity that makes KG so great.

Here’s the video: After the jump >>