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Posts Tagged ‘Tony Parker’

Tony Parker and Eva Make Out For London Fog

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Eva and Tony

And the march towards non-preseason NBA basketball continues. This time, however, there aren’t any nifty LeBron James blocked shots to help you along. No, this time, you get San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker making out with is hot wife for clothier London Fog. There’s a press release with the standard corporate lingo, saying both parties represent quality and all that good stuff. Naturally, the London Fog website has also been given a Tony and Eva makeover.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Parker, besides being an other-worldly type point guard, he’s also a freaking Mack Don to the Nth degree. Sure, Eva’s smoking hot as always, but Tony isn’t afraid to let his studly-ness come out. Don’t believe me? See below for further proof:

Eva and Tony

That’s the look that says, “After I get through with Eva here, I’m coming for your girlfriend, your sister, your wife and your mom.”

The Spurs Aren’t Done Yet

Richard Jefferson

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy professional basketball without all that San Antonio boredom, guess what? The Spurs have heard your complaints and have responded with a hearty, “We don’t care. We are improving our team to make another title run (or two) and you just have to deal with our ‘boring’ style of play.” This particular announcement was made when the Spurs acquired Richard Jefferson from the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for every expiring contract they had, apparently. While the move does leave the San Antonio front line a little sparse, the move immediately improves the talent level of the starters.

A celebratory gif jump >>

Where Erick Dampier Wants To Floor Tony Parker

After stealing Game 1 against the Spurs, the Dallas Mavericks allowed Tony Parker and crew to knock them around the court last night, to the tune of 105-84. Most, if not all of the Spurs’ damage was provided by Tony Parker, who could very well be the fastest Frenchman, maybe ever. Parker so thoroughly dominated the Mavericks — 38 points and 8 assists — he’s got their defenders talking about using alternative means to stop him; means like knocking Parker to the floor (via the Dallas Morning News):

“Parker got into the teeth of our defense and caused problems,” he said. “Every time he drives the lane, we have to put him on his back. The first foul has to tell him he;s in for a long night.

“My first foul Thursday night is going to put him on his back. I guarantee it.”

I’m not sure if sending him to the foul line — or perhaps even accruing a bunch of intentional fouls is going to help. If these were the Detroit Pistons/Boston Celtics days, Dampier could knock Parker around all he wanted, but with today’s “protect the offensive player” rules, Dallas’ center will only find himself sitting on the bench sooner, rather than later.

And Tony Parker will continue to penetrate the Mavericks defense at will.

NBA Playoffs: Spurs Find Themselves

Backed by a combined 62 points from Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili and a 11 made 3-pointers (is Michael Finely STILL in the league?), the Spurs clawed their way back into their series with the Hornets with a 100-99 victory.


The Parker/Ginobili duo did just about everything in their power to counter a Hornets attack spearheaded by Chris Paul, who again showed brilliance beyond his experience by posting 35 points and 9 assists. Unfortunately for Paul, the only other Hornet to make an impact in the scoring column was David West.

Peja, where were you (8 total points)?

While the Spurs did hit shots and Ginobiliparker played brilliantly, you get the feeling the Hornets are still in control of the series and not just because they have a 2-1 lead. San Antonio had to shoot almost 50% from beyond the arc (11-25) to win this game, something that doesn’t happen on a game-in, game-out basis. As for the Hornets, they only shot 2-11 from downtown.

The questions for the Spurs are these: will they have to rely on 62 points and 17 assists from Ginobiliparker just to beat the Hornets? How about 3-point shooting? Can they expect to keep hitting at the rate they did last night or will they revert back to their outside ineptitude they displayed in Games 1 and 2?

Unfortunately, because of some stupid TV scheduling considerations, we won’t find out UNTIL SUNDAY, a fact that brings up another interesting point — Do NBA teams REALLY need almost three days off between games or did the league set it up this way so the defending champs can get plenty of rest between contests?

Whatever the case, these two teams should be playing again on Saturday. Hell, Game 4 isn’t even on ABC; a fact that makes this ridiculous two-and-half day wait seem all the more like bad planning (or favorable scheduling for the defending champs).

Intentional Eye Candy: Hana Nitsche

Thanks to Alexandra Paressant (and WithLeather), most of the sporting world now knows about uber-hot model Hana Nitsche. In case you missed it, Alexandra is the one who, via, said San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker was having an affair with her.

Well, as Dana Kennedy of the Huffington Post revealed, the whole story was a sham (You mean her video interview was a lie? But she was so convincing…). Furthermore, we learned Paressant was so misleading that she used images of a super model, claiming they were of her instead. With that revelation, sports bloggers now have a new female to covet:

Hana Nitsche.

Because of Paressant’s rouse, it’s hard to tell if that is indeed her in the pics returned from a simple GIS. However, an image search for “Hana Nitsche” returns something wonderful.

Anyway, congratulations are in order for Hana. You are the latest recipient of the Intentional Eye Candy award for 2007. Granted, your contribution to the sports world comes from a poorly-concocted hoax, but that shouldn’t stop the readers of the world from enjoying your beauty. In fact, your vicarious participation only adds to the appeal… at least for me.

Congratulations Hana, we appreciate your contributions to the wide world of sports… even if it wasn’t intended.

Hana Nitsche

Hana Nitsche

Bonus: a video compilation of Hana and her awesome self:

Tony Parker’s Love Triangle

Alexandra ParessantFrom the “Now We’re Talking” files: The Alexandra Paressant/Tony Parker/Eva Longoria triangle is heating up and getting all litigious, meaning it won’t be going away anytime soon. In a reactive strike move, San Antonio Spurs point guard/husband of Eva Longoria (depending on what kind of blog you’d be more apt to read; Perez or say, FanHouse) filed a lawsuit against gossip web site X17.

Parker-Longoria’s lawsuit claims X17 posted a number of “false and defamatory” articles indicating Tim Duncan’s facilitator was having an affair with Paressant, who, in the crown jewel of the site’s coverage, gave a salacious and descriptive interview (text not necessarily SFW) detailing the extent of the alleged relationship between her and Parker. The suit goes on to say the affair “never happened” and X17 should have suspected their source.

Wha? Paressant could be lying? That’s unpossible. I mean, look how convincing she is in this video (FLV) provided by X17*…

As it stands, Parker-Longoria is seeking $40 million in compensatory damages, which would be a nice stipend to go with his $10 million-plus a year salary.


*The reason I linked directly to the file instead of the page it resides on is because it has a script error that can lock-up your browser.