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Posts Tagged ‘Tom Watson’

Well That Sucked (Tom Watson)

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Tom Watson

Eight feet. That’s the distance between Tom Watson and an astonishing British Open win. By now, you know the result. Watson beefed the par putt on 18 and completely fell apart in the “overtime period,” including a double bogey on the second extra hole. This allowed public enemy of the week, Stewart Cink, to snatch victory from the jaws of Watson’s defeat. Well, that and a timely, timely 15-foot birdie on the 18th hole. While Watson’s near-miss was the talk of the sports world this past weekend, his work resonated even more in his native Kansas City — home of some of the best sports writers in the business, and Intentional Foul.

Correlation? I’ll let you decide.

Anyway, two of the bigger names in the business, Whitlock and Posnanski, both had eulogy-like essays detailing Watson’s close-but-yet-so-far British Open.

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Get Off Tom Watson’s Lawn

Tom Watson

Tom Watson and his incredible sweater are leading the British Open at five-under par. In other news, Tom Watson is a bigger pimp than you or I could possibly imagine. And yes, that sweater just oozes excellence, domination and awesome-ness. Oh, and for those of you who don’t think he can be a pimp with sweater like that, think again.

The eloquent BBC has more on Watson’s turn-back-the-clock performance (so far):

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