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A Fine Mess (Tim Floyd)

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Tim Floyd and OJ

I’m tempted to make a “Haven’t you folks from LA already learned about messing with folks named O.J.?” joke, but I shall refrain. However, in light of Tim Floyd’s self-imposed excommunication from USC, I’m wondering why on earth he didn’t take the Arizona job. He, better than anyone, knew what was coming down the pipe concerning the O.J. Mayo mess. Lest we forget, Floyd was also displeased with all of his players leaving for the professional leagues.

So again, why on earth did he not bolt for the more prestigious Arizona Wildcats basketball team, especially when there were reports of an offer being on the table? Incidentally, in the linked article, Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman says of Tim Floyd:

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Tim Floyd is Staying at USC

Tim Floyd

Apparently, the lack of door love has negative effects. Just ask the University of Arizona, who saw their head coaching job offer get turned down by Tim Floyd. Maybe next time, Arizona’s athletic department will allow their back door to be featured while they are entertaining their next coaching prospect.

In other coaching news, Bruce Pearl turned down Memphis’ offer in order to stay in Knoxville — if there ever was one to begin with; although, Pearl just signed a six-year extension to stay in Tennessee — and the University of Georgia finally found their replacement for George Felton in Mark Fox.

Apparently, finding a coaching replacement, even for high-profile jobs like Arizona, is harder than ever. Memphis, meanwhile, is absolutely floundering since John Calipari’s announcement to take the Kentucky job. Rumors of transfers and de-commits now plague a team that was on the cusp of an extended flirtation with college basketball greatness. Now it’s back to the drawing board for program that’s still looking for a new head coach.

No Door Love For Tim Floyd?

Tim Floyd

Or, “The Other Wildcats Want Tim Floyd.” Either one would work. In case you don’t know what I’m babbling about, the Arizona Wildcats have offered their head coaching position to USC’s Tim Floyd — on a non-interim basis — although, unlike a recent hire for another Wildcats team, there was no “door love” waiting for Floyd to make his decision. No “The Door” Facebook pages or anything remotely close to the Calipari/Kentucky hubbub we just sat through.

Nevertheless, the west coast Wildcats have targeted their man, viral popularity explosions of athletic department doors be damned. As long as Floyd can continue to get the O.J. Mayos and DeMar DeRozans of the world, everybody concerned should be pleased — provided he accepts their offer to leave Los Angeles.

Apparently, Floyd has 24 hours to accept or decline Arizona’s offer.