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Internet sensation and horse racing casualty (but yet, Mike Vick is vilified for his actions…) Barbaro will be buried at the site that made him famous: Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The decision was made earlier today in Louisville, the anniversary of his death due to racing injuries.

“Barbaro took his place in history on the first Saturday in May 2006 with a brilliant Kentucky Derby victory, but his accomplishments as a racehorse are certainly rivaled by the courage and resolve he displayed after his injury,” said Churchill Downs President Steve Sexton. “We are grateful to the Jacksons for entrusting their beloved Derby champion to us.”

On the second leg of the horse racing’s Triple Crown, the Preakness, Barbaro almost destroyed his back leg with an injury that looked so severe, the only possible reason he wasn’t put down on the spot was because of his potential stud value. However, now that his resting place has been finalized, perhaps he can be forgotten long enough by the immediate public in order to give his legend some time to grow…

In case you are curious, here’s the video of Barbaro’s incredible Kentucky Derby victory. He absolutely DESTROYED the field when they rounded the final turn. Goodness, I had forgotten it was that dominant.