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Posts Tagged ‘Texas Tech Red Raiders’

Mike Leach Is A Badass Pirate Captain

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Mike Leach's Parking Place

At least that’s what his parking place at Texas Tech infers, and really, who are we to argue? I don’t see you developing a mad-scientist like offense that takes age-old football concepts like running the ball and ball control and happily pisses all over them, while being incredibly successful. These acts are best left to coaching pirates who have no regard for convention or an opponent’s feelings. Just throw the damn thing all over the field and make those bastards react to what it is you are doing.

In other news, Texas Tech, like the rest of us, is obviously ready for college football.

Upsets Were On Tap Last Night

Bill Self

As teams prepare for the upcoming tournaments, coaches are wary of letdowns and performances that don’t measure up to expectations. With that in mind, the following three coaches can’t be too happy with the way their teams performed last night:

Bill Self
Jeff Capel
Billy Gillispie

All three coaches watched as their teams failed to live up to their expectations, especially Kentucky and Kansas. The Jayhawks got beaten pretty handily by Texas Tech, a team that had lost 10 out of 11 games before blitzing Kansas by 19. In the grand scheme of things, this loss probably doesn’t mean a great deal, although, Coach Self was understandably troubled by his team’s performance.

More on CBB’s night of upsets after the jump >>

Michael Crabtree 4 Heisman

Michael Crabtree

Ramblings of a late-night, fall-back sufferer. Take it for what it’s worth:

More than likely, Graham Harrell or Sam Bradford will move to the top of the Heisman favorites, but if there is a better player in the country than Michael Crabtree, I’ll be damned. He absolutely could not be covered last night and that game-winning reception was a thing of beauty and legend. While his stats — almost 800 yards and 14 touchdowns in 9 games — won’t be quite as gaudy as last season’s 1900-yard smörgåsbord, he’s still having an All-American season.

Besides, if he gets close to 20 touchdowns — a distinct possibility with Baylor and Oklahoma on the schedule — that’s Heisman-worthy production from a receiver. Did I mention he’s also the best player in the country? Maybe even the best college receiver ever?

Let his spectacular work to win the game against Texas serve as testimony:

Yeah, quarterbacks put up the sexy numbers but without the skill players who run the routes, make the catches and finish the runs with the effort Crabtree gave, those numbers wouldn’t be near as sexy. With that in mind, let it be said loud and clear:

Vote Michael Crabtree for the Heisman Trophy. It’s time for some Charles Woodson-like change again.

It’s change you can believe in.

Poll: Early BCS Talk

Call Knowshon

The BCS standings have been out for a couple of weeks now and after all this weekend’s fun — What’s worse? Watching Penn State beat your Buckeyes or passing a kidney stone? This guy knows. — the picture is taking shape. Of course, said picture could be rendered useless with all the football left to play, but as long as we don’t have a playoff of any kind, BCS chatter will have to do.

So who’s it going to be in the BCS Championship Game? Texas and Alabama? Penn State and Texas? Penn State and USC? Georgia and Oklahoma? How about Florida and Texas Tech? Bama and Penn State? Any of these games could happen, depending on the SEC and Big 12 championship games. Which game would be the most appealing? Texas/USC? What about Florida/Penn State?

Of this group, Texas Tech has the toughest schedule (Texas, Oklahoma State and OU in the next three games). Then there are the conference championship games (Georgia/Bama rematch, anyone?) and who knows how those will impact the BCS; something that should clear up even more after this weekend. Until then, we have a little impromptu poll featuring some of the potential championship games.

You can also add your own if these aren’t sufficient.

Thank God It’s Saturday: Penn State and Ohio State

Ohio State and Penn State

Lots of great match ups this weekend, including the headliner of Penn State at Ohio State. It seems everyone wants Penn State to beat the Buckeyes in order to keep them from boring up the BCS Championship game — except for OSU fans, of course. Looking at this game from strictly a historical perspective, even though Penn State has been playing lights-out football this season, they don’t do well in Columbus.

In fact, they haven’t won there since 1978 and Joe Pa has an overall losing record against Ohio State (5-7-0). Should we expect more of the same tomorrow night? Well, if karma has anything to do with it, Penn State will probably get smashed by the Buckeyes and if they do, I’m going to blame this douche bag guy.

More TGIS after the jump >>

Intentional Upset: Kansas Sends Seniors Off With A Bang

Senior Night

(No, Kansas beating Texas Tech is not an upset, but, sending off seniors can be a sad event, hence the post.)

Last night, Kansas celebrated their Senior Night by smashing the Texas Tech Raiders; sending their seniors off with a loud bang. Keeping with some of the great senior appreciation celebrations, Kansas acknowledged their five departing players with a pre-game ceremony designed to pull at the heart strings. After that, it was basketball destruction time.

And that’s just what the Jayhawks did to Texas Tech.

Led by senior Russell Robinson’s 15 points, Kansas completely rolled the Red Raiders to the tune of 109-51, the most points scored by a Jayhawks team in almost 200 games. Besides Robinson’s output, Bill Self got a very balanced attack from his team as eight players scored at least five points. While a Kansas victory was expected, I don’t think it was supposed to be this bad. Because of their performance, the Jayhawks have reentered the conversation in regards to number one seeds in the NCAA Tournament.

One thing’s for sure, if they continue to play like this, the selection committee will have a hard time not rewarding Kansas one of the four number one seeds… and teams will have a hard time keeping them out of the Final Four.

Ah, I love the smell of March in the morning. It’s college basketball’s time. Enjoy the embrace.

Intentional Upset: Bob Knight Steps Down

Texas Tech head coach Bobby Knight has decided to step-down from his position, effective immediately. In a move that caused much surprise in the coaching world, Coach Knight leaves as the winningest coach in Division 1 basketball with 902 wins. Over at SportsbyBrooks, they have a great write-up discussing the motivations behind Coach Knight’s decision, which apparently was related to him losing his coaching spark.

Coach Knight’s son, Pat Knight will be taking over for his father immediately and the effectiveness Pat has with these kids may also be a motivating reason for the elder Knight’s surprising retirement. The SB Nation Texas Tech blog, Double-T Nation, thinks recruiting may have played a part as well:

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