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Posts Tagged ‘Texas Longhorns’

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

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Texas Fan

While Texas once again faltered in Big 12 play, falling to the Kansas Jayhawks, 80-68, there was something for all Texas fans to take away from last night’s game: The incredibly-stacked Texas fan who was sitting behind the Jayhawks’ bench. I don’t know her name and I doubt I ever will, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Her assets, on the other hand, certainly do matter — at least from where I’m sitting — because they give credence to the belief that everything is indeed bigger in the Lone Star State.

Case in point:

Texas Fan

Um, yeah. That’s a really big t-shirt she’s wearing. Sorry for the blatant objectification, but sometimes, the truth is the truth.

Thanks to my man Rob for pointing her out last night. Oh, and I’m sorry the images aren’t completely clear, but that’s the nature of camera phones. If anyone has a clearer image, please send it my way — as well as any information you might have on Miss Texas Fan With the Large T-Shirt..

Another image; although, it’s still a little pixelated.

Texas Fan

And I’m working on finding more. Again, any information and/or clearer images would be much appreciated.

Fear Jacob Pullen’s Beard

Jacob Pullen

The “Fear the Beard” campaign of Kansas State-induced fan support for Jacob Pullen is certainly all the rage right now. I guess beating the number one team in the country, followed by your coach wearing a fake beard in your honor at the post-game press conference, has a way of solidifying your arrival. Hell, it doesn’t even matter that Pullen had a subpar game against the Longhorns (2-15 from the field, 0-6 from behind the arc) because K-State still won, thanks to their underrated frontline.

And now, fearing the beard is upon us.

With all due respect to the west coast basketball blog,, but it looks like Pullen and his fearful beard have taken over that moniker for at least the next couple of months.

To wit, in order to prepare for the game against Texas, K-State officials ordered 1000 beards — the same Martin was wearing after the game — to be distributed to students. The results, as you could see if you watched the game last night, were pretty tremendous. There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of college students cheering for their team while wearing fake beards.

K-State Fans

Here’s hoping “beard outs” continue as long as K-State’s season does. Oh, and just in case you were wondering why Pullen is receiving so much love — well, besides the beard, of course — he’s averaging 19.3 while shooting over 40% from behind the arc. In fact, Pullen might just challenge Kansas’ Sherron Collins as the best guard in the Big 12.

The K-State/KU game should go a long way in determining that outcome.

Different Approaches To the BCS Championship

BCS Trophy

Now that the fluffer games are over, tonight, the real deal finally happens: Texas versus Alabama for the BCS Championship. Mythical? Maybe. But it’s hard to argue these are the two best teams in college football; well, unless your name is Ndamukong Suh. Close conference championship games aside, and even though the BCS takes a proper hammering on a yearly basis, the Longhorns and the Crimson Tide do, in fact, resemble the two teams that should be playing each other. So… Who ya got? Currently, Bama is a four-point favorite, an indication the teams are pretty-evenly matched, talent-wise. While most (not all) of the journalistic consensus is leaning toward the Tide, we all know what happened the last time Texas played in the BCS Championship game.

Something about the “best college football game ever,” with the Vince Young-led Longhorns getting the hardware.

While the game, its players and coaches get the majority of the publicity, it’s the fans who make games like this worthwhile. Most of the time, anyway. To get you in the mood for tonight’s shenanigans, here are two different fan approaches to getting one’s self prepared. And by different, I mean distinctly different. First, a Bama fan messing with UT faithful:

I’m disappointed he wasn’t wearing red; although, the box of Tide was a nice touch. Now for a contribution from the Longhorn nation:

Considering how famous Texas is for its Longhorn women, I figured a tutorial on the proper way to apply Longhorns-inspired eye shadow was appropriate. Much like the Bama fan, however, I’m disappointed the Longhorns make up expert had purple nail polish. Way to support your team, honey!!!

Do these videos help sway those of you who are on the fence about who to pick tonight? It did me. With that in mind, while most of my being is leaning towards Alabama, I still can’t shake the idea of Texas repeating their “Shock the World” performance of their previous BCS Championship. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Texas defense control Heisman winner Mark Ingram, and for Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley connect on some kind of last-minute touchdown, denying Nick Saban his second BCS Trophy (while rewarding Mack Brown his). My final score prediction:

Texas – 24
Alabama – 21

MVP – Shipley

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it — that is, until Greg McElroy completes his first bomb to Julio Jones.

Dexter Pittman is All That is Man

Dexter Pittman

The Urban Dictionary defines the term “All that is man” as “title applied to men who have reached the peak of masculinity, ex: firemen, lumberjacks, ironmen, navy seals.” Sounds like a perfect description of Dexter Pittman, who is the current definition of the word “beast.” Perhaps this goes without saying — I mean, his listed measurements are 6-10, 290 — but still, sometimes even the obvious needs restating.

Pittman extended his beast-like qualities to another level against the Arkansas Razorbacks last night with this gaudy stat line: 21 points (10-15 shooting) and 10 rebounds. Oh, he also had this beastly dunk to start the second half, but since ESPN doesn’t want us to embed their video, here’s a link (13-second mark).

Granted, the only player the Razorbacks could throw at Pittman was Michael Washington (6-9, 239), and while Washington held his own scoring-wise (14 points), he only had two total rebounds. I’m guessing dragging the likes of Pittman up and down the court limits one’s effectiveness when cleaning the defensive glass.

One thing’s for sure, the upcoming Texas/Kansas basketball game (At Texas on February 8th) is going to be an absolute brawl. I, for one, can’t wait to watch Pittman and Cole Aldridge beat on each other for two-plus hours.

The Red River Rap Battle Is So On!

Texas and Oklahoma hook, er, meet up in the Red River Shootout tomorrow, and judging by the above video, Pikahsso (representing the Sooner nation) and Tahiti (for the Longhorns) ready to hold it down for their respective teams by staging the fifth annual (Who knew?) Red River Rap Battle. Here’s a sample of the mad lyrical skills defining college football’s traditional rivalries. First up, Tahiti:

Longhorns on point just like push pins
I rep Texas like Jenna of the Bush twins
We on the goal line pushing
Your dome gets mushed in like they’re seat cushions

And now, Pikahsso:

Let the games begin, it’s the Red River battle
Longhorns will get torn, you heard that like cattle
You know Pikahsso will win it with ease
Crimson and cream gave your team the mad cow disease

Currently, Tahiti/Texas is winning this year’s poll, but I am fond of the mad cow disease reference. Nicely done, Pik.

If that’s not enough fun to get you pumped for OU/Texas, we also have this gem, featuring a few dancing machines posing as Sooner fans. Yeah, I’ll just let the video do the talking because words pretty much fail me. At least ones I can use here.

Considering the dancing going on in that video and the fact Oklahoma rapper is getting beat in the poll, things probably don’t bode well for the Sooners. Granted, if they can keep Bradford protected and upright the entire game, all this eye-rolling minutiae could be quickly forgotten — except for Pikahsso’s contribution.

Skills, ya’ll. Mad skills.

The Texas End Zone Looks Mighty Fine

Texas Cheerleaders

This post is just a friendly reminder that in about 54 days or so, the Texas Longhorns will be playing on a new football field, something the awesome Texas cheerleaders were happy to “showcase” for us — with the help of the forum. And EDSBS. Speaking of, isn’t time for Orson to start his “Countdown” posts?

Time For A Razorback Ranking

Who is the best basketball team in the SEC? While the consensus before the season got underway was the Tennessee Volunteers, thanks to the play of the 12-1 Arkansas Razorbacks, it may be time to rethink that answer. Last night, John Pelphrey’s team handled yet another highly-ranked Big 12 foe — the Texas Longhorns — and are now looking to make a splash in the Top 25 rankings and the SEC regular season, which starts on Saturday for the Razorbacks against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

More on the Razorback resurgence after the jump >>

Quan Cosby’s Game Winner

Now that’s the way you end your collegiate career: By scoring the game-winning touchdown that catapults your team to a Fiesta Bowl victory. Not only that, but your touchdown puts Texas in the thick of the National Championship decision and it goes a long way towards relieving any hard feelings leftover from the Michael Crabtree incident.

More on Texas/OSU after the jump >>