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Posts Tagged ‘Tennessee Titans’

Keep Your Hands Off The Refs, Donnie

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It was pretty much a blah kind of day in the NFL yesterday. Unless, of course, your goal was seeing a Tampa Bay/Arizona shootout (or Washington/Detroit) or Brett Favre getting his chin split open, but thanks to the Tennessee/San Diego game, there was some fun to be had, especially when the referees were involved. What we have is Titans safety Donnie Nickey getting mad at some of the extracurricular activities going on after the play in question was over.

To express his frustration, Nickey took a swing at the offending Chargers player, but instead of hitting his target, he hit referee Bill Levy in the chest. Not good. The end result was, despite the fact he didn’t mean to, Nickey getting ejected for touching an official.

That’ll learn ya.

Who knows, maybe Nickey wanted to get a jump start on all that California trick or treating?

Chris Johnson Can Still Get Away From Cops

Apparently, Chris Johnson is quite serious about rushing for 2500 yards this season, and if the Titans played the Oakland Raiders every week, he’d probably get it. After posting 142 yards and two touchdowns yesterday, one of his scores coming off a 76-yard scamper which again showcased his “getting away from the cops speed,” it’s pretty clear Johnson isn’t just blowing hot air.

He really believes 2500 yards is attainable, and after watching him and his breath-taking speed carve defenses up again and again, maybe Johnson is on to something. Of course, in order to do so, he’s going to need to rush for 2358 yards over the next 15 games, which would require a 157.2 yards per game average.

Normally, this is something most NFL followers would laugh at; but then again, how many running backs are as physically gifted as Johnson, especially in the speed (and apparently, durability) department?

Chris Johnson 2006 = MVP?

If Outkast has Andre’ 3000, there’s nothing wrong with the Tennessee Titans having a Chris Johnson 2006. Considering his record-breaking season, not to mention becoming only the sixth NFL player to break the 2000-yard barrier, you might want to call him “MVP.” Sure, the Peyton Mannings and Brett Favres might have better teams, and therefore, better records, but did either of those two have a better season than Johnson? We’ve already seen what the Indianapolis Colts look like without Manning — two straight losses — but imagine just how ineffective an 8-8 team would be without their best player.

It also helps to consider that Johnson is the only legitimately consistent offensive threat on the Titans. Not only did he lead his team the league in rushing, he’s also the leading pass-catcher. While his teammate Nate Washington has been serviceable, he’s certainly no Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark or Sidney Rice.

In fact, a quick glance at the receiving statistics for the Colts shows Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon all had better seasons than any of their Titans counterparts.

While some of our Bleacher Report counterparts thinks it’s a foregone conclusion, it will be hard for a player on a non-playoff 8-8 team to take hardware from NFL dignitaries like Favre and Manning, regardless of how gaudy his season was.

Vince Young and Bernard Pollard Make Nice

The pleasant conversation going on in the video happened just after Vince Young was stopped by Bernard Pollard behind the line of scrimmage on a third down play, right before Rob Bironas put the Tennessee Titans ahead 17-14 in the third quarter. Evidently, Pollard and Young were exchanging Thanksgiving recipes, because it looks like Young was saying “cooks like this.” Although, it could’ve been something different. Maybe a “f**k you, bitch,” but then again, these are grown men we are talking about and as we all know, grown, professional athletes just don’t stoop to the levels of verbal abuse.

In other news, I wonder if Young’s colorful response offended Pollard the way his previous head coach, Todd Haley, did.

While Pollard did indeed bring his “A” game, it was Young who got the last laugh as the Titans won a second half battle of field goals, 20-17. In other news, Vince Young = win. Any questions?

Titans Owner Flips Birds at Buffalo’s Bench

I’m not really sure what precipitated this, but Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams had two messages for the Buffalo Bills’ bench after his Titans had secured their third win of the season, and these messages involved birds, flipping, and middle fingers. 86-year-old Adams has since apologized for his finger bombs, saying he was caught up in the moment.

Not only does Adams flash his birds at the Bills bench, he does so in a celebratory method, almost like he’s dancing and his middle fingers are just an extension of his joy. Or disdain for the Bills, if you will.

Oddly enough, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was also in attendance for the game, although, it’s doubtful he was in the luxury box when Adams decided to express himself. Naturally, the NFL’s front office is “investigating” and will undoubtedly have a nice fine for Adams to pay when their investigation is complete. If Ochocinco and Cutler were fined $20 grand for their shenanigans, I would expect the punishment levied at Adams will be a little bit steeper.

Of course, I’m thinking about this logically because to me, owners have just as much responsibility at being respectful as players do. At least players are, you know, actually playing. Adams’ reaction is similar to what college fans do during rivalry games.

Gus Johnson Calls Chris Johnson’s Touchdown

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson was a beast against the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday. 24 carries for 228 yards and two touchdowns has a way of receiving such a designation, not to mention doing so during the team’s first win of the season. However, during one of Johnson’s touchdown scampers, CBS play-by-play ace, Gus Johnson, made a questionable comparison of Johnson’s blazing speed.

“Watch out! He’s got ‘getting away from the cops’ speed.”

Now, while I find such a phrase worthy of a smile, some will undoubtedly be offended by the “racial overtones” of Johnson’s call. I’m sorry, are NFL running backs the only folks who run from cops? Are white people not allowed to have “getting away from the cops” speed? Yes, I get the implication — if you decide to look at it that way — a young black male with blazing speed should be compared to something other than police evasion. But folks, people run from the cops. Not just ridiculously talented running backs who happen to be black.

Don’t you think the guy with the meth lab wouldn’t appreciate being as fast as Johnson, especially when said meth lab/trailer gets raided?

For me, it’s much ado about nothing. Johnson made a fantastic football play and announcer Johnson got a little exuberant in describing the skill on display. It’s not the first time Gus Johnson’s been excited after a play and I certainly hope it won’t be the last. With all that in mind, I’d expect an apology from Gus any day now.

Santonio Holmes Picks Up Where He Left Off

Yay!!!! The NFL is back!!! It’s on NBC and it rocks — even with unnecessary pregame concerts!!! OK, enough hyperbole, although, I was being serious about that pregame mess. I just don’t think we need recycled pop country and a pale imitation of the Black Eyed Peas — I’m sorry, but they need to ditch Fergie and pursue the course “Joints and Jams” started them off on, instead of making weak pop music — to get us in the mood for a football game. If anything, hardcore metal would be the prudent choice, but I’m digressing.

Celebrating Santonio Holmes’ apparent Groundhog Day after the jump >>

Dallas Jumbotron A Jumbo Obstacle

First off, I know it’s not called a “Jumbotron,” but the it fits for title purposes. Moving on: The Dallas Cowboys new stadium is a testament to the “Everything is Bigger in Texas” motto. In fact, the stadium puts the saying into action with its massive high definition video monitor. However, besides being on the cutting edge for high-def monitors, the digital overhang is also serves another, previously-undisclosed purpose — an obstacle for punters to avoid. By now, you’ve probably heard about the Dallas/Tennessee preseason game that saw the Titans punter hit the high-def monstrosity, if not, watch the video. Naturally, whenever something blame-worthy happens in Dallas, now that Terrell Owens is gone, the blame falls directly on Jerry Jones.

More on Dallas’ monitor conundrum after the jump >>