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Posts Tagged ‘Ted Ginn’

Ted Ginn Doesn’t Need Your Stinking Passes

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If you don’t want to pass Teddy Ginn, Jr the ball, that’s OK. He’ll just take opposing kick off kicks and return them for touchdowns instead. Just ask the New York Jets. Ginn’s performance was a record-breaker, making him the second offensive player to get record book recognition.

Redemption comes in all shapes and sizes, apparently.

It’s hard, however, not to imagine what Ginn would be capable of if he could catch the ball on a consistent basis. His natural talent is obviously jaw-dropping. Unfortunately for Ginn, that same “dropping” aspect applies to his ability to catch the football as well.

Ted Ginn = Stone Hands

You can talk about the time of possession differential and the Indianapolis Colts’ big play ability all you want, but the fact of the matter is, if you are a Miami Dolphins fan, your ire should be directed at Ted Ginn and his astounding end zone drop. Now, I’m not suggesting Phins fans channel Buffalo and go trash Ginn’s yard, but if it happened, would you be surprised?

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