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Posts Tagged ‘Teamwork’

Andrew Bogut Is All Alone

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They say the NBA is a team sport but apparently, that doesn’t apply to the Milwaukee Bucks. Take, for instance, this following clip. What we have is Bucks center Andrew Bogut shooting some free throws and after he makes the first one, he does what most free throw shooters do and looks for somebody to slap five with. But what happens when no one is there to return your request for a pound?

Well, let’s see:

I guess you wind up slapping hands with your invisible friends. It’s either that or Bogut was trying to make a point to the rest of his team. Something like, “where’s the love, guys?”

H/T to Brew Hoop for this awesome find.

Teammates Loving Teammates

Ah, the New York Knickerbockers. What can you say that hasn’t already been said? There’s so much wrong with the franchise, it’s hard to pick a starting point… but if you are late to the party, here’s a good spot:

What we have above are Nate Robinson and Zach Randolph expressing their love for one another via thrown water (Randolph) and and a retaliatory strike with a Gatorade towel (Robinson). I’ll say this for Nate, he doesn’t back down from anybody, regardless of size (Robinson is only 5-9, Randolph is 6-9).

Good times.

I imagine this is EXACTLY what Isiah Thomas envisioned when he “rescued” Randolph from the Pacific Northwest… Hat-tip to You Been Blinded.