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Posts Tagged ‘Tattoos’

That’s A Lot of LeBron Love

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Chosen One

Look, growing up, I absolutely adored Michael Jordan. I bought his shoes, his jerseys, his basketball cards. Hell, I even had a copy of Rare Air sitting on my coffee table. So I think I have a good idea about fan worship. This find, however, goes a little too far, even for a confessed Jordan lover like myself. What we have is an enterprising fellow who has a serious LeBron fetish, and he isn’t afraid to take to the YouTube airwaves to get his message across:

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LeBron James = Illustrated Man

As an admitted tattoo aficionado, I can honestly say I fully support the idea of athletes rocking the ink. There have been countless galleries of athletes and their skin art and this isn’t an attempt to recreate that. No, what we have is a surprised blogger because he didn’t know LeBron’s upper body was as decorated as it is. Observe:

LeBron James

Damn, LeBron. That’s a lot of ink. In fact, your torso and arms look like they are approaching Enigma status, something you’ll certainly achieve if you continue on the inked route.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.