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Posts Tagged ‘T-Shirts’

Reebok Enables Ochocinco

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Child Please

As Chad Ocho Johnson Cinco embraces the social media craze — Twitter and Ustream are his “drugs” of choice — he’s brought an older catchphrase back into our everyday vernacular: Child, please. These two words pretty much permeate throughout Chad’s current Internet existence. Take these examples… for example:

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Serena Gives Good Interview

Yeah, this is a little dated, considering the way time works in the blogosphere, but nevertheless, I found it quite entertaining. And truthful; although, this is just the audio portion of Serena Williams’ post-Wimbledon victory press conference. One thing’s for certain: The picture placeholder being used is quite keen, if, for nothing else, for Serena’s awesome “Are You Looking At My Titles” t-shirt. Perhaps the shirt — and its message — was meant for Jason Whitlock as a preemptive retaliation; because we all know he is indeed looking.

Just not at her titles.

In other news, how in all that’s holy is Serena not the number one women’s player in the world? Perhaps she should get some senators in on the action — once they get done straightening out the BCS.

/Stifles laughter

Creighton Girls Love Their B-Jays


College basketball’s also-ran tournaments provided some decent Monday night visuals between Kentucky/Creighton, Stephen Curry’s potential last game at Davidson and the Bradley buzzer-beater. It was, however, a Creighton female fan who provided the winning image with her “I Love B-Jays” shirt, a not-so-obvious homage to the school’s mascot, the Creighton Bluejay. Could it be, however, the fan in question was professing her love for oral pleasure?

Once again, caught by the double entendre.

Catpause forums Final Four Tickets

Defending Your Coach (Mark Mangino)

Mark Mangino

Some KU football players are upset with the way their coach is being treated by a certain t-shirt company and they are no longer going to sit quietly and take it. The issue has to do with, some t-shirt designs they made and girth of KU coach, Mark Mangino. It’s no secret Mangino is living large, but apparently, some his players are sensitive about their coach being made fun of.

First, the shirts in question:

Mangino Shirts

While they are insensitive to certain overweight coaches, the shirts also celebrate just how much KU fans love Mark Mangino, large size or not. However, these outspoken players don’t share the same joy the fans do.

“I guess everyone has a different sense of humor,” said KU linebacker Mike Rivera, who went to Shawnee Mission NW. “Some things are funny to some people. But sometime you have to think about what other people feel.”

So what say you, Jayhawk fans? Will you continue to wear shirts celebrating your coach (and his weight) if the players find them offensive?