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Posts Tagged ‘Sweep’

Stealing Home is Always Fun

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Stealing Home

I’m not the biggest baseball person, but even I understand the significance of someone stealing home — especially when Mark Harmon, Jodie Foster, the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees and Jacoby Ellsbury are involved. It was also significant for the Red Sox, who, while sweeping the Yankees, stole home for the first time since 1994. Granted, it was Big Papi who knocked what wound up being the go-ahead runs in, but Ellsbury’s theft was the highlight of the game, if not the first series between these two stalwart teams this season.

Enjoy the video while you can:

For the Sawx, it was their 10th straight win after starting the season 2-6. Thanks to Ellsbury’s craftiness, they now have a pre-All Star Game highlight as well.

U.S. Men Sweep The 400

400 Sweep

While the track and field portion of the Beijing Olympics have been slightly disappointing for Team USA, there have been flashes of greatness as well. No, the Americans didn’t have their normal-dominant outing in the sprint events but you can blame the incredible Jamaican track team for that. But, thanks to the 400-meter race, as well as American runners Lashawn Merritt, Jeremy Wariner and David Neville, all is not lost.

The three swept the Men’s 400-meter race, with Merritt taking the gold, Wariner the silver and Neville the bronze. The surprise of the race was Wariner, the 2004 gold medalist, coming in second to Merritt. After winning gold in Athens, he was the favorite to repeat in Beijing.

Apparently, Merritt had other ideas.

Obviously, this sets the United States up rather well as they get ready for the 4×400-relay, a race they should be the overwhelming favorites in, even if Usain Bolt runs a leg for Jamaica. Naturally, the American sweep of the 400 won’t be shown until they get to that coveted prime time slot on NBC tonight.

Maybe in 2012, the U.S. Track Team should recruit Michael Phelps. That way, they’d be guaranteed good coverage from the Peacock Network because what we have right now just out-and-out sucks. And if you don’t believe me, just ask all of the Americans who got to see Usain Bolt break Michael Johnson’s record in the 200-meter dash almost 12 hours after it happened.