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Posts Tagged ‘Super Bowl’

Brett Keisel Shaves Beard for Charity

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Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel promised he would shave his beard after the season ended, and he’s holding up his end of the bargain. Keisel has had some fun with his trademark bushy beard, and even talked about it during media week before the Super Bowl.

He’s had plenty of PR mileage from the beard, which he called his “beautiful thing” and even joked (at least we think he was joking) about the beard having magic powers. Keisel isn’t just yakking about his beard for nothing. He’s raising money to help in the fight against children’s cancer, by selling tickets to a “Shear the beard with Brett Keisel” event which will be held at the Diesel Club Lounge in Pittsburgh on February 24th.

Here’s what he looked like before all that facial hair, incidentally:

Looks like a totally different, guy, doesn’t he? If you want to get a piece of that magical beard, tickets are $25, and before and after photos will be available for purchase. What’s more, you can also purchase a lock of that scraggly beard, which probably has so many food particles in it by now that it could feed a family of four.

Good for Keisel for raising money for charity over this whole thing!

Aaron Rodgers Gets His Championship Belt

Aaron Rodgers

To the victor goes the spoils, the rings, the trophies, the “Got Milk” ads, the “I’m going to Disney World” exclamations and, well, considering it’s the Super Bowl winner/MVP we’re talking about, I’m sure Rodgers can get just about anything he asks for, especially in Green Bay. While those perks are great and all, there’s also another item Rodgers received for his Super Bowl MVP efforts which might be worth more to him than the rest of that stuff: his championship belt.

At different times during the season, Rodgers put on his imaginary belt as a way of celebrating key plays and touchdowns. Clearly, Rodgers knew it was all leading up to the biggest stage in football, if not all of sports, and when the time came to collect the belt, Rodgers delivered in spades. In fact, his performance was so belt-worthy, Rodgers was presented with a real belt, courtesy of Dana White and Chuck Liddell. He then reminded the world the belt is his when he accepted the Lombardi Trophy from Roger Goodell:

After the break, an animated gif let’s the world know who the champ really is >>

Volkswagen Has The Best Super Bowl Commercial

We’re big fans of Super Bowl commercials here at IF, and after watching the above, my jaw’s on the floor. Game over, man. Game over. The fight’s over before it even started. Hand Volkswagen the championship belt because they’ve turned in what will be the best commercial of Super Bowl XLV. That’s it. That’s the list. In fact, this might be one of the best of all time.

Hell, that kind of hyperbole worked for Cigar Guy and the Dwyane Wade/LeBron James picture, and it’s going to work here.

For those companies who plan on advertising in future Super Bowls, the gauntlet’s been dropped. Loudly.

Expert Super Bowl Predictions! Who’s Taking Home The Trophy?

Super Bowl Parade

Who's Going to Disney World?

Today we feature Super Bowl predictions from the Intentional Foul team of experts and predictions on how many time Brett Favre will show up. Enjoy!

Cherie Burbach

5 Reasons the Packers Will Win Super Bowl 45

Aaron Rodgers
I’ll admit that when Rodgers first took over as quarterback for the Packers, I thought all the talk about him being “elite” and at the “top of league” was way too early. Now, three years later, he’s becoming the quarterback fans hoped he would be. This year he silenced critics with his three playoff wins (all on the road), which is incidentally the number Brett Favre had in his entire career. Also, in Favre’s last ten years with the Packers he only won three playoff games total, and Rodgers did that this year alone.

Predictions from all of our experts (and almost experts) after the jump >>

Best Super Bowl Performances Evah!

The Super Bowl is coming, ya’ll! And while we anticipate the showdown between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, we’re also reflecting back on past games. Which ones were the best? Which left the best memory in the mind of fans?

Super Bowl Trophy

Here is my list. Feel free to argue or agree.

Super Bowl XXIII
49ers vs Bengals
I used to call Joe Montana “Cool Hand Luke” because the guy was never rattled on the field. Reggie White in your face? Doesn’t matter. Down by a gazillion points? No problem.

Montana would come in and without so much as breaking a sweat lead a team to victory. In this game, his coolness would put the 49ers ahead of the Bengals late in the game to not only win, but become the first NFC team to win it all three times.

More of the best Super Bowl games after the jump >>

3 Things That Would Bring More Viewers Than the Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is on this weekend….. (chirping)……

Exactly. Who cares?

Despite nearly every person I talk to saying that they do not care about the Pro Bowl, the NFL said “12.3 million viewers” tuned in to watch. In fact, it was the most-watched Pro Bowl in ten years.

I can’t believe it. Were people watching the entire game? Was there really nothing else on? No Top Chef? No Murder, She Wrote?

Personally, I don’t really watch the Pro Bowl. Not watch it, like a regular game, type thing. I might tune in to see a play, shrug, and turn it off. I think the Pro Bowl is important as far as the popularity contest aspect. It’s nice to get riled up when a favorite player doesn’t make it in. It’s good recognition for those that do. But watch the actual game? No way. In fact, here are three things I think would gather more viewers than the Pro Bowl game.

The NFL Has Talent anyone? >>

Throwing a Super Bowl Party Like A Boss

Throwing A Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl isn’t just the world’s single biggest sporting event. In the United States, and many countries all over the world, it’s a national holiday. With just over a week left until the big game, it’s time to get ready for the party. Unless you’re heading to one of the official Super Bowl parties in Dallas, then you’ll need this DIY guide to make your party just as good as theirs.

What was once about football is now about commercials, pageantry, joie de vivre, and booze. For you the choice is simple: either find a way to be a part of the festivities, or spend the night in your adult onesie from Target, eating ice cream alone, re-reading Harry Potter with your dog.

Adult Onesie Guy

If you want part of the action, then what easier way is there than throwing a Super Bowl party like a boss. All you need is food, booze, booze, booze, and a few games to keep your guests engaged. Take notice: these tips will make your party more exciting than the game itself!

More tips on hosting the ultimate Super Bowl party after the jump >>

B.J. Raji Gets His Super Bowl Grove On

B.J. Raji and the rest of the Green Bay Packers are going to the Super Bowl, thanks, in large, large part to Raji’s interception/touchdown return, which, after avoiding a Leon Lett moment, also featured one of the best touchdown dances you’ll ever see. In fact, Raji’s play was the most crucial of the game, a contest that became a defensive struggle with neither offenses doing, well, much of anything.

On Chicago’s side, you had the Jay Cutler debacle — Memo to Maurice Jones-Drew: Don’t EVER miss another game in your career, ace. — which introduced Caleb Hanie to the rest of the world. On Green Bay’s side, after they moved the ball on their opening drive, it didn’t become a trend; and if they were moving the ball, the Packers couldn’t convert those yards into points.

Enter dancing machine B.J. Raji. After dropping back into zone coverage, Raji found the ball coming his way, and, well, the rest is dancing history.

After the jump, Raji’s hypnotic dance is preserved forever in lovely gif form >>