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Posts Tagged ‘Super Bowl XLIII’

Imitating LeBron is Expensive (Santonio Holmes)

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While he didn’t get penalized for using a prop, much to the chagrin of Arizona fans everywhere, Santonio Holmes is actually being punished for his LeBron James celebration after scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. Keeping with the normal NFL tradition, in order to punish Holmes, the brass went after his pocket book to the tune of $10,000 — an amount that is, in all likelihood, smaller than whatever bonuses he received for making the “Catch Heard Around the World During the Month of February.”

If I was a betting man, I’d say Cardinals fans would prefer the 15-yard penalty instead of the NFL taking money away from Holmes three or so weeks after the game ended.

Danica Patrick Gets Nekkid For GoDaddy

As the sports blogosphere comes to the end of the Super Bowl posting extravaganza — us included — what better way celebrate the end of another NFL season than enjoying the partial nudity of Danica Patrick from GoDaddy’s “banned” Super Bowl commercial?

The quotations represent my disbelief GoDaddy submitted their commercials for consideration. Nevertheless, continuing the trend so wonderfully started by the smoking hot Candice Michelle (NSFWish), Danica Patrick pitches GoDaddy with some fairly tame use of a shower — and some computer geeks. Fortunately, the whole thing is semi-saved by the appearance of a wet Danica Patrick and a white bath towel. Obviously, Patrick is balancing that whole “role model for girls” quite nicely.

Empowerment to the people, especially all of the young ladies who are told they need role models to succeed.

Super Bowl Porn: Tristan Kingsley Speaks

Tristan Kingsley

Fresh off her surprise appearance during Super Bowl XLIII, Tristan Kingsley is enjoying the spoils of such situations: new found fame — or infamy, depending on your outlook of the adult entertainment industry — and all that it entails. In this case, lots of interviews with blogs and such (check out the lead image). We were lucky enough to be apart of that list. What we have is an impromptu phone discussion with my meager translation attempts. Seeing how she was pressed for time, I limited my part to the basics.

Check out our interview with Tristan after the jump >>

Comcast Credits Customers for Porn

Tristan KingsleyTristan Kingsley apologies for the Super Bowl porn. Not really.

Because they subjected some of their Arizona customers to some unintended adult entertainment, Comcast is issuing a $10 credit to those subscribers who were subjected to that filth (spoken with a healthy side of righteous indignation). Naturally, the two performers who were in the unintentional clip are milking their surprise appearance for all its worth.

Over at XFanz (NSFWish), Evan Stone talks about his surprise performance:

More Super Bowl porn fallout after the jump >>

Santonio Holmes Loves LeBron

Final Super Bowl thought of the day:

Um, is this not a penalty? No props during celebrations, right? 15-yard personal foul, right? Bringing up the issue: what happens if the Cardinals received a kickoff from the 15 instead of the 30? Again, this does not take anything away from Pittsburgh’s huge victory and Holmes’ incredible display of athleticism and awareness. It was a once-in-a-lifetime catch and should be celebrated as such.

Conversely, his celebration could/should have warranted a penalty, changing Arizona’s starting field position substantially. Nevertheless, Holmes deserves props for his his choice of celebration.

Creativity, even when you are borrowing from a King, goes a long way.

The Pain of the Cardinals Nation

Super Bowl losses are painful. Share the sadness.

(H/t to Deadspin for the find)

Porn During the Super Bowl?

If you are a Comcast customer in Tuscon, Arizona, then yes, there is a chance you had some adult entertainment to go along with all that football goodness. Apparently, the NBC feed and the Club Jenna feed got crossed up, leaving the shocked audience a slice of Pornicana.

Apologies were issued:

“Our initial investigation suggests this was an isolated malicious act,” spokeswoman Kelle Maslyn said in a statement emailed to the Star. “We are mortified by last evening’s Super Bowl interruption and we apologize to our customers. We are conducting a thorough investigation to determine how this happened.”

It’s all fun and games until the someone puts an eye out watching unintended porn.

To Review or Not Review (Kurt Warner)

That is the question. Did Warner fumble or was his arm going forward? The fact there’s even confusion about the play means it HAS to be reviewed. Bonus: the fine fellow who uploaded the video is named “guckfoodell,” clearly defining his position on the manner. For the record, I’m certainly not implying the Cardinals were cheated or that they would’ve won if they have another chance. The point is, why do you allow a questionable play to go without further investigation?

That’s what the technology is there for. The fact the NFL front office jumped in line with the non-review is disappointing, but not surprising.