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Expert Super Bowl Predictions! Who’s Taking Home The Trophy?

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Super Bowl Parade

Who's Going to Disney World?

Today we feature Super Bowl predictions from the Intentional Foul team of experts and predictions on how many time Brett Favre will show up. Enjoy!

Cherie Burbach

5 Reasons the Packers Will Win Super Bowl 45

Aaron Rodgers
I’ll admit that when Rodgers first took over as quarterback for the Packers, I thought all the talk about him being “elite” and at the “top of league” was way too early. Now, three years later, he’s becoming the quarterback fans hoped he would be. This year he silenced critics with his three playoff wins (all on the road), which is incidentally the number Brett Favre had in his entire career. Also, in Favre’s last ten years with the Packers he only won three playoff games total, and Rodgers did that this year alone.

Predictions from all of our experts (and almost experts) after the jump >>

Will Packers Go All the Way?

At the beginning of the season, I estimated a 9-7 record for the Packers, with them narrowly missing the playoffs. Call me a pessimist, but I honestly didn’t think the Packers would go this far. (Well that, and the fact that Peter King from SI predicted they would go to the Super Bowl. You know what those kind of predictions do to a team.)

Sunday they beat the Bears 10-3, which gave them a Wild Card berth. The Packers are the sixth seed, and Coach McCarthy told the team in the locker room, “We’re one of six, our path has been set.”

I don’t know if their path is “set,” but I do know that anytime you get to the playoffs it’s a good thing. Still, Michael Vick is hot right now, and ironically one reason he’s playing at all is because of the Packers. They knocked out Kevin Kolb in the very first week of the season. They also won that game, which answers the question of can they win.

But will they win against the Eagles? Andy Reid seems to have the magic touch when it comes to Wild Card games. He’s won all three of his last appearances (and lost none.)

But you know what I say, streaks were meant to be broken. After all, in the past Peter King’s predictions usually meant that whoever he picked to win the Super Bowl wouldn’t even have a winning record. But look at this year. He picked the Pack and they are at least in the playoffs with a chance at the Super Bowl. In case you’re wondering, he’s sticking with this prediction that the Packers will take it all. They’re one of six. I like those odds.

My personal feeling is that the Packers will beat the Eagles, but then lose to the Falcons. What say you?

Super Bowl Prediction

Super Bowl LogoWell, this was certainly a long two-weeks, wasn’t it? What did we learn?

- Tom Brady’s ankle is the center of the universe
- Prostitutes make bank during the Super Bowl
- Media day will not include bloggers
- Eli Manning is in the same vein as Phil Simms
- Bill Belichick has a way with women
- If you are hot, there’s a Super Bowl party to attend

So what was all this hubbub about? One little football game. Does the game live up to the hype? That’s a debatable point, but normally, if the game is entertaining (not like Pittsburgh and Seattle—thank you, Zebras), the hype quickly is forgotten. With that in mind, it’s prediction time.

I’ve been mulling this over for a little while and my choice comes down to this, how in the world can you pick against the Patriots? Whether you like the franchise or not has nothing to do with it either. Further, this is by no means a slap to the Giants.

But I will say this: on that late December game everyone keeps referencing, the Giants played perhaps their best game.

And still lost.

Recognizing a superior team shouldn’t be that hard—but—you do have the “Any Given Sunday” thing going too…

Sorry Giants fans, not this Sunday.

Patriots – 38
Giants – 31

MVP – Wes Welker with 3 big touchdowns.