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Serious LeBron

Could the becoming-quite-tedious “Summer of LeBron” be thankfully over before it has a chance to permeate for the better part of a month of two? If rumors are to be believed, perhaps there’s hope things like the “LeBron Tracker” will only be around for a couple of weeks. While James has already begun the process of letting potential suitors court him, he’s apparently made it clear he doesn’t want the free agency process to drag out.

That makes two of us.

With that in mind, and if an expeditious decision is truly coming from America’s current hostage-holder, does this potential news change your views about where James will play next season? Do the Cavaliers now look like a more attractive option, or is the Miami super-team still in play?

If LeBron is a man of his word, hopefully, we won’t have to wait until August to find out.