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Yes, basketball is in its “downtime” period, but thanks to joy of YouTube — not to mention, a million Steven Spielberg wanna-bes running around — combined with various basketball summer camps, the NBA’s summer league and some pro-am leagues of note, there’s always footage to share. This time, we have video from one of Michael Jordan’s youth camps. In it, Jordan is introducing a shooting drill, one that’s in the vein of the NBA’s Shooting Stars competition. Notice I use the word “competition,” because what would a Michael Jordan story be without mentioning his famous “will to win?” Such is the case here when Jordan invited guest Carmelo Anthony to take part in the shooting contest.

Naturally, Jordan won — no dunks here, LeBron — by relying on a spot just inside the college three-point line where made baskets counted for more points. Ever the eye for the spotlight, no matter its size, Jordan made four-in-a-row from his sweet spot, giving his team the win.

H/t to True Hoop for the find.