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Posts Tagged ‘Stupid Fans’

High School Basketball Game Turns Ugly

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This is all over the tubes this morning, but I thought I’d share anyway. The video depicts an ugly, ugly brawl between two Alabama high schools that started on the basketball court but ended up in the stands. The game was a state tournament match up between Carver-Montgomery High School and Valley High School and the fracas started when two players from each team — Carver’s Roquez Johnson and Valley’s Enrique Florence — got in a shoving match.

Next thing you know, we’re playing the feud. fills in some details:

More on the brawl after the jump >>

Goalie Catches Beer Bottle – With His Face

Recently, I wrote a post over at Epic Carnival discussing overzealous sports fans. I think the moron responsible for the bottle being thrown qualifies. The goalie, Armando Ribeiro, was taken to the hospital but has no apparent permanent injuries.

Thankfully, the wunderkind who threw the bottle was detained by stadium security. Perhaps they should let Ribeiro practice booting the ball… directly at Mr. Soccer Fan’s face.

H/T to on205th.

Taking The Red Sox/Yankees Rivalry Too Far


Yes, I know the Yankees and the Red Sox don’t like each other. Big surprise there. But for God’s sake, is this even necessary?
A group of men — some with Irish accents — beat up a 23-year-old Cambridge man and sent him to the hospital after they spotted him sporting a Yankees baseball cap.

I bet the Sawx fans felt wicked strong after jumping a solo Yankees fan. Nothing says “I’m a fan” or “I’m a complete moron who contributes absolutely nothing to society. In fact, I’m stealing your air.” quite like gang-jumping a fan of an opposing team.

Congratulations guys, you are now the equivalent of those Penn State jerks who harassed Ohio State fans for having the audacity to walk through the Happy Valley campus.

What’s the matter folks? You can’t be a tough guy without having a group of people at your back? You know, I’m by no means a Yankees fans, but if this is how Boston fans are going to act, maybe we should go back to a time when their franchise was a collection of perennial choke artists. Actions like these mean you don’t deserve a winner.

H/T to the Sports Frog for pointing this out.