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Posts Tagged ‘Stupid Behavior’

Aubrey Coleman Will Stomp Your Face

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Apparently, he’s a fan of Christian Laettner as well. In a move that contributed to his Houston Cougars team giving the game away, Aubrey Coleman, after getting rung up for a charging call against Arizona’s Chase Budinger, Coleman decided he’d try his curb-stomping skills on Budinger’s face. While an official could see him, meaning, not only did Coleman act like an ass on the basketball court, he’s apparently not incredibly slick when trying to sneak something past the authorities.

More on Coleman’s dance moves after the jump >>

Dana Jacobson Returns, Apologizes

Roast-master supreme Dana Jacobson has returned to the ESPN fold after some comments she made at a celebrity roast for Mike and Mike (have they responded to Whitlock’s critique?) resulted in Jacobson being served with a one-week suspension. To celebrate her return to the mighty Worldwide Leader, Dana issued an apology for her Belvedere-fueled behavior.

Much ado about nothing? It was a roast for crying out loud…